iPadOS 15 Announced with Major Multitasking Improvements, Widgets on Home Screen, More

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Jun 2021

iPadOS 15

Apple announced some major new features for iPadOS 15 at WWDC 2021. The home screen experience is getting better, and now you can place widgets anywhere on the home screen.

Widgets on Home Screen

The redesigned home screen experience on iPadOS 15 is similar to what Apple introduced in iOS 14 for the iPhone last year. To make better use of the large display, Apple is introducing a new 4×4 widget size.

App Library is also coming to the iPad with iPadOS 15. The App Library feature is built into the dock itself, and you can hide home screen pages as well.

Improved Multitasking

Apple is improving the multitasking experience in iPadOS 15. You can now easily run apps in Split View mode using the new multitasking bar. You can also minimize an app window to the Shelf.

You can now run apps Split View right from the multitasking view by dragging one app on top of another.

iPadOS 15 Multitasking


The Notes app is getting mentions and activity view support in iPadOS 15. You can also add tags in Notes to make it easier to find.

Apple is also debuting QuickNote in iPadOS 15. You can swipe from the corner of the display using your Apple Pencil to open a new QuickNote. This shortcut will work from anywhere in the OS, so you can easily create quick notes when browsing a page in Safari or reading an email. You can also swipe between Quick Notes.

QuickNote in iPadOS 15

Translate Comes to iPad

Apple is bringing its Translate app to the iPad with iPadOS 15. The app is also being improved with a new Auto Translate feature that will automatically translate any language you are speaking.

Apple is also integrating the Translate app into the OS itself, so you get system-wide translation options across all apps.

Swift Playground

Apple is improving Swift Playground to allow you to create apps directly on the iPad using Swift. Any project you create on Swift Playground will also be compatible with Xcode on macOS.

You can even test and publish apps on the App Store for iPad and Macs right from your iPad in iPadOS 15.

Swift Playground in iPadOS 15

Siri Improvements

Apple is improving Siri on iPadOS 15 by adding ML-based voice recognition for improved privacy. This means Siri can now work offline, and the processing is faster as well.

Safari Improvements

Safari is also getting some noticeable improvements in iPadOS 15. Apart from a redesign, it is gaining tab group support. Web extensions support is also coming to Safari in iPadOS 15 to further enhance your browsing experience.

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