Frenzic – A Fast-Paced Puzzle Game: One of the Best iPhone Games

BY Jason

Published 25 Nov 2008

iPhone Game - Frenzic

There are very few iPhone games that are available on the App Store that you can say are just made for the iPhone.

iPhone game – Frenzic developed by Icon Factory and Artris Software which makes use of iPhone’s revolutionary multi-touch capabilities is one such game. Its a fast-paced, puzzle game with excellent graphics.

I wanted to write a review ever since I started playing Frenzic last week. However the release of iPhone firmware 2.2 had kept me busy.

Frenzic which is also available for the Mac has been developed by Icon Factory and ARTIS Software for the iPhone.

Frenzic is a fast-paced puzzle game where you need to match colored pie to form a complete pies. You start off with four lives and the objective of the game is to survive as long as possible as its speed constantly keeps going up.

As you can seen from the screenshot below, the iPhone game screen consists of seven circles. One of the circles is at the center of the screen while the remaining six are arranged around its perimeter. Three of the circles are power-up circles. You have three power-up buttons: Hour glass, X2 and Nuke button next to these three power-up circles (which I will explain below).

iPhone Game - Frenzic - 1   
iPhone Game - Frenzic - 2

You need to get the pie from the middle circle and place them in one of the six circles to make complete pies. The middle circle puts out pie of three different colors of varying orientation. A pie piece must match the orientation of an empty slot to be successful. You also need to place the pie before times expires to avoid losing a life.

As you can see, the pie is of multiple colors, so you can make a complete pies of the same color or multiple colors.

If you complete single-color pies then you get an extra life and bonus points. The power-ups are earned when single-color pies are completed in a power-up circle. You need to tap an available power-up to activate it.

X2 power-up button is the most important, when its running it will double all your points for a limited time.

When you tap the Nuke power-up button it removes all the pies from the circles.

When the hour-glass power-up is activated, it slows the game time by 50% for a limited time.

It has a feature to auto-save (pauses) the game when you get a call or you hit the home button and gives you an option to resume it when you launch it the next time. You can also pause a game and resume it at any point of the game.

You also have options to customize your screen name, adjust sound volume, turn on location services in the settings screen.

You also get access to an online account which you can use to customize your profile, make friends, track stats and more.  You also have an option to see your high scores to see your rank amongst other players.

I also liked the community aspect of the game, as competing with friends and other Frenzic players keeps the game interesting.

iPhone Game - Frenzic - 3   
iPhone Game - Frenzic - 4

Problem encountered:

The only problem that I encountered was that the game fails to respond while trying to place the first pie in one of the six empty circles at the start of the game. It starts responding after the time expires and you have lost a life (a little irritating). I have observed this several times.

Lets hope the iPhone developers fix it soon.


The game play is very smooth and fast. It doesn’t take much
time to start playing the game but will take you sometime to master it.

Frenzic is one of the best games I have played on the iPhone and you can tell I am addicted as it has made its way to my iPhone’s first home screen. Its a
perfect game when on the road or when you have a few minutes between

Frenzic for the iPhone costs $4.99 compared to the $9.95 for the desktop version and you can download it using this iTunes App Store link.

As always, please give us your feedback on the iPhone app and don’t
forget to share your top score in the comments below. My top score is around 1300 and
still ranked a lowly 2000 something (I already dropped a few places as I was writing the post).

Please tell us your favorite iPhone game and if you are an iPhone
developer, please feel free to send us an email to tell us about your
iPhone app. If we like it, we will definitely love to share it with our

Okay then I will get back to Frenzic to catch up on those lost ranks, hope you guys enjoy playing it as well.

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