A New ‘iPhone XI’ Concept Video Shows Off Three Rear Cameras, USB-C, and an iPad Pro-Like Design

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Jan 2019

The rumor mill is starting to really dig into the idea that Apple is going to introduce an iPhone in 2019 that features three rear cameras.

And while concept videos aren’t necessarily a clear indicator of what’s coming down the pike, it’s at least a good way to see what a future iPhone might look like. At this stage of the game it’s more likely that Apple is still going through the final touches in its design of the new iPhone lineup, if it plans on making any hardware changes at all of course, and so this concept might not line up with what Apple is actually planning on launching later this year.

Still, it’s a Monday, a holiday, so let’s have a gander. The video was actually uploaded over the weekend and it shows an iPhone that does indeed make some key design changes when compared to earlier models, as well as adopt the three rear cameras that are starting to sound more and more likely. The video was uploaded by YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, and here’s their description of the video:

“This is the iPhone XI ( 2019 ) and it’s so cool!! iPhone 11 First look concept trailer. Triple camera ( Lenses ) with Laser AF, smaller notch, and iPad Pro 2018 body design?”

As mentioned above, we have the triple camera setup in a very, very prominent block on the back of the phone. (It’s hard to imagine Apple not getting roasted for a design like this, considering so many people hate the camera bump now.) The concept video also envisions the iPhone XI with a USB-C port — something that’s currently being disputed, but is obviously a design change that people want to happen already. (Seriously, it’s time to adopt USB-C in the iPhone lineup.)

Perhaps most interestingly is the idea that Apple could adopt the new iPad Pro design for the iPhone XI lineup. Of course, the iPad Pro does take plenty of design cues from older iPhone models (like the iPhone 5), so if Apple does go this route it’s more like a return to (old) form.

The concept video also shows us what a smaller notch on the iPhone XI might look like (a welcomed change if it does indeed happen), and also includes an in-screen fingerprint reader. This isn’t completely out of left field, considering at least one analyst out there has voiced their opinion on the fact they believe Apple will indeed bring back Touch ID and implement the in-display fingerprint reader technology this year.

You can check out the full concept video below.

So, what do you think? This rounded square idea is one way to go, but we’ve also seen another render of what the iPhone XI could adopt in this particular design department, going for a far more subtle philosophy. What are you hoping to see in the 2019 iPhone lineup, as far as design is concerned?

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