QuickGold brings QuickSilver to the iPhone; Quick way to Search & Launch iPhone Apps

BY Jason

Published 26 Oct 2008

iPhone App - Quick Gold

As you install more iPhone applications from the App Store or add more contacts to your iPhone’s address book, you might have realized that finding the desired application or contacts is getting even more difficult. Want to find a quick way to do this?

iPhone App – QuickGold has a solution. Designed for jailbroken iPhones, QuickGold is a keyboard-based application launcher which gives iPhone users a quick and easy way to search and launch iPhone apps and lots more.

If you’re a Mac user, you have probably installed QuickSilver and love
it. QuickSilver for Mac allows users to use the keyboard to rapidly perform tasks such as launching applications, manipulating files and data, running scripts or sending e-mail. QuickGold is developed to port QuickSilver’s features to the iPhone and hence
it’s aptly named after it.

QuickGold is available only for the jailbroken iPhone via Cydia, the popular installer application for jailbreak apps. After its installed, you can launch it by simply pressing the Home button on your iPhone’s home screen, if you want to exit out of it, press the Home screen again. Please note that QuickGold does not install an iPhone application icon on the home screen.

iPhone App - Quick Gold

You also have the option to select from Phone, Email and URL onscreen keyboard depending on what you want to search for.

You can then type any keyword and QuickGold will instantly show you the search results in real-time as you type.

iPhone App - Quick Gold 
iPhone App - Quick Gold

QuickGold does not merely search for iPhone apps that match your search keyword. It also includes search results from:

  • Phone numbers from your Contact list – just tap on the contact and QuickGold will help you make the call.
  • Web pages in Safari History – tap to launch the web page in Safari.
  • SMS – go directly to that particular text message.
  • Bookmarks & Web clips – launch web clip or bookmarks in Safari.

You can exclude any of the above categories from the search results by disabling it from QuickGold’s Settings screen. You can access the Settings screen by clicking on the "i" icon on the top-right corner. It would have been nice if there were tabs available to filter the search results into above categories like you have in Google Desktop.

iPhone App - Quick Gold Settings

I have tested it on my iPhone and even with hundreds of contacts and over 400 text messages, I did not notice any lag while using QuickGold; so performance-wise it’s just awesome.

QuickGold also offers a Google Search feature. You can just type "g " followed by the keywords in the search box and tap "Go". QuickGold automatically launches iPhone’s Safari browser and displays Google’s search result page.

iPhone App - Quick Gold

The icon of the applications that you have launched through QuickGold show up in the Quick launch list as seen below giving you easy access to the frequently used applications.

iPhone App - Quick Gold

QuickGold is another must-have application for your jailbreak iPhone.

Please drop us a line and tell us what you think about QuickGold in the comments below.

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