macOS Mojave: How to Enable Dark Mode on Your Mac

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Jun 2018

macOS Mojave: How to Enable Dark Mode on Your Mac

macOS Mojave is arguably the biggest update to the OS in the last few years. After releasing relatively minor macOS updates over the last few years, Apple has gone all out with Mojave and introduced a ton of new features withy it. One such feature is Dark mode which has long been requested by Mac users.

While macOS has had a dark theme, it was half-baked with no proper system-wide support. In macOS Mojave, Apple has added a system-wide Dark mode theme which works with system apps as well as third-party apps. Switching over to the Dark mode on macOS Mojave will lead to not only the system switching to a dark theme but other first-party apps like Photos, Safari, Notes etc. also using a dark theme. In fact, even the default wallpaper will switch to a dark theme for that perfect look.

If you are already running macOS Mojave on your Mac and are wondering how to switch to Dark Mode, follow the steps below.

On first boot:

The first time your Mac boots into Mojave after the upgrade/installation process, you will have to go through the initial set up process of the OS. During this process, you will be prompted to select between the light and dark theme.

macOS Mojave theme switcher

How to Manually Enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

Step 1: On your Mac, head over to System Preferences -> General. 

Step 2: Under Appearance, you will find the option to switch between the Light and Dark system theme.

If you are not using a custom wallpaper, switching to the Dark theme will also switch to a darker wallpaper.

macOS Mojave

The Dark mode in macOS Mojave is very well done as it is applied throughout the system as well as through all the first-party apps. Given how popular dark mode in Mojave is going to be, it is only a matter of time before other third-party developers also end up implementing a dark mode in their apps.

How are you liking the dark mode in macOS Mojave? Do you now wish that Apple ends up introducing a dark mode in iOS as well? Drop a comment and let us know!