Microsoft brings OneDrive app to Apple Watch

BY Killian Bell

Published 20 Apr 2015

Apple Watch and iPhone

Microsoft OneDrive users will be pleased to hear that the service will be available on Apple Watch when the new wearable starts reaching customers later this week. Its functionality will be limited initially, but Microsoft will add new features over time.

You may be surprised to see OneDrive support on the Apple Watch, given that it could be considered a competitor to the Microsoft Band fitness tracker. But Microsoft has already demonstrated that it doesn’t mind supporting rival platforms and devices.

The software giant even supports Android Wear with a handy OneNote application, which allows users to make new notes using their voice, preview new content they’ve added to the service, and more.

But the OneDrive smartwatch app won’t be quite as useful in the beginning.

“OneDrive for Apple Watch will simply display photos on the smartwatch, allowing Apple Watch owners to view albums, delete photos, and find photos through tags all on the wrist,” explains Tom Warren over at The Verge.

Despite the limited functionality, it’s still good to see Microsoft embracing the Apple Watch so early — and based on its support for Android Wear, we can only expect the OneDrive smartwatch app to become more useful in future updates.

It’s likely we’ll also see a OneNote alternative for Apple Watch, too, at some point.

If you’re expecting to receive an Apple Watch this week and you’d like to use OneDrive on it, simply ensure you have the OneDrive app installed on your iPhone. You can download it using the link below.

Download link: