Video Shows Hazards Involved in Replacing Swollen Lithium Batteries

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 26 Jul 2019

Have you ever wondered why Apple doesn’t change batteries at the store? Well, the answer seems to be staring right at our face in the form of a video. Replacing batteries seems to be a risky job, especially if you don’t have the required tools or are not a professional.

Redditor tryagainin47seconds posted a video which shows a coworker trying to change an iPhone battery. However, while changing the battery the iPhone 5S blew up causing quite a serious explosion. It is also possible that the person may have punctured the battery while removing it. All said and done it is a reminder of how we need to let professionals handle certain things. Check out the video here.

The video shows a man trying to stomp and extinguish the fire. Even this can prove to be dangerous as lithium-ion batteries burn at high temperatures and are likely to cause serious injuries. Additionally, the fumes from lithium-ion batteries are hazardous too. If you or your family member are using an iPhone with swollen battery please take it to the nearest Apple Service Centre and get it replaced.

Our Take

It is not uncommon for lithium-ion batteries to explode. We have already witnessed how Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wreaked havoc with overheating and exploding batteries. At the same time, we need to realize that a faulty charger or unreliable power supply is also likely to cause such incidents. In some cases, the third-party battery is the culprit.

The cathode and the anode on the lithium-ion batteries are separated by a thin polyethylene separator. In compact batteries, the separator is thinner and is prone to a short circuit, which is apparently one of the biggest reason for causing a fire. Make sure that you use a genuine battery that is in good shape, genuine charger/charging cable and ensure there is enough ventilation while charging.