Schedule Toggling Of iPhone Settings With SBSchedule

BY Andy

Published 14 Feb 2010

SBSchedule iPhone app lets you to schedule SBSettings profile toggling

If you own a jailbroken iPhone, you may well be aware of the SBSettings app on Cydia

It's a nifty piece of software that offers a quick way to access your iPhone settings from any application by simply swiping across the iPhone status bar. 

While this is no doubt an extremely useful application, users nevertheless have to go through the ritual of toggling the various settings on and off while attending a meeting or when retiring for the day. 

SBSchedule is a new application built over SBSettings that simplifies this process. This program allows the user to define profile groups that could be activated either manually with a tap or may be scheduled to fire at specific times. 

For instance, you may set up a 'In a Meeting' profile which, when activated, will immediately turn off push notification sound, deactivate 3G,etc. Similarly, a 'Going to Sleep' profile that will turn off battery hogging features like 3G, Bluetooth and GPS may be scheduled to fire up at 11PM everyday. 

SBSchedule can be a very handy app to easily toggle the various settings on your iPhone. The jailbreak iPhone app retails at $2.99 from the Cydia store. If you try the app, don't forget to let us know what you think.

[via iClarified]