This is iPhone 11’s New Slimmer Packaging Without Charger and EarPods

BY Asif Shaik

Published 15 Oct 2020

Apple launched its new smartphone lineup, the iPhone 12 series, at the ‘Hi, Speed’ event that was held on October 13. However, that wasn’t the only announcement from the brand. At the launch event, the Cupertino-based tech giant announced that it will not be shipping a charging adapter or EarPods with any of its smartphones going further.

According to the brand, it has taken this step to reduce the carbon footprint. Due to the elimination of the charging adapter and EarPods from iPhone’s box, the retail packaging of iPhone has become much smaller. Apple even showcased the new package of iPhones during the launch event. Today, however, we have our first real-life look at the new packaging of the iPhone.

A Twitter account that goes by @duanrui1205 has posted a video showing the new packaging of the iPhone 11. This new retail box of the iPhone 11 is much smaller compared to the older packaging of the smartphone as there is no charging adapter or EarPods inside it. The new box only contains an 18W USB Type-C to Lightning cable, apart from the iPhone, of course. We can expect other models of iPhone to come with similar packaging.

Our Take

Apple says that most people already have a charging adapter at their home that is capable of charging iPhones and therefore the company is not offering one with its smartphones. And we think that Apple isn’t totally wrong. Most iPhones come with a slow charger and therefore people buy an aftermarket one to charge their iPhones at a faster pace. Hence, the stock charger remains unused. That being said, a few people who rely on an in-box charger might find this decision from Apple quite frustrating.