Top Windows 11 Features Apple Should Copy in macOS

BY Parth Shah

Published 11 Jul 2021

best Windows 11 features Apple should copy in macOS

Windows 11 is generating huge buzz among the tech community, and rightfully so. Microsoft’s next-generation Windows 11 brings a breath of fresh air to a half-decade-old Windows 10. After trying out the developer build of Windows 11 for over a week, here are the top 10 Windows 11 features that Apple should copy in macOS.

Windows 11 Features Apple Should Copy in macOS

Don’t dismiss Windows 11 as a UI overhaul only. There are many neat add-ons throughout the OS that make you feel jealous as a Mac user. Let’s start the list with our favorite Windows 11 feature – Snap Windows.

1. Snap Windows 

By default, macOS allows you to view two apps/browser tabs side by side. While it is sufficient for MacBook users, power users running macOS on an external monitor or ultrawide monitor may be left wanting more.

Here is where Windows 11’s Snap window feature comes in handy. Simply hover the mouse pointer over the window maximize option in the menu bar and choose from a predefined set of grid layouts. Users can run up to four apps on a single screen.

snap window in windows 11

Using third-party apps like Magnet and Rectangle, one can achieve the same results on macOS, but that’s not the point here. Most people stick with the default solution, and so far, it looks like Microsoft’s multi-window management takes the lead here for desktop users.

macos snap window

2. Pinned Apps 

Similar to Taskbar on Windows 10, macOS offers a Dock to place and access frequently-used apps and games. After a while, the Dock gets crowded if you deal with a good number of apps frequently. It’s the same situation with the Taskbar on Windows.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is tackling this problem by offering pinned apps options in the Start menu. Yes, those useless live tiles are gone for good, and they are now replaced by Pinned apps and Recommended (more on that in a later section) menu.

Simply hit the Windows key, and you can access up to 18 apps without leaving the current interface. On macOS, one has to go to the all apps section to find and use the app.

pinned apps in windows 11

3. AI-based Recommendations

This is yet another Windows 11 feature that left a positive impression on us. The default Start menu now offers a Recommended section that showcases your frequently used files, photos, and apps on Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

For example, let’s say you have opened up a Word file on the mobile. Now instead of opening Microsoft Word on the desktop to access the same file, Windows 11 will directly recommend you the Word file in the Start menu. Neat, isn’t it?

macOS currently lacks such an add-on. In our opinion, Apple is in the best position to offer this kind of integration between mobile and desktop due to the company’s strong grip on hardware and software on both platforms.

pinned apps in windows 11

4. Universal Mute Button

We have all been in a situation where we forgot to mute the microphone during a video call. Video calling apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, all have different UI/UX, and it does confuse the end-user to find relevant menus and options during video calls.

Microsoft solves the microphone problem with a dedicated mute button in the taskbar. Simply click on it, and it will disable the microphone at the system level. No more embarrassing moments for you.

Apple should take this further by offering a dedicated button to disable the camera as well.

5. Better Support with External Monitors

This is one of the best Windows 11 features Apple should copy in macOS. External monitor support with a Windows laptop is getting better in Windows 11. The OS will remember your windows management and settings on the monitor. When you disconnect the Windows laptop with an external monitor, the system will save your preferences and use them once you plug the device back to the monitor.

macOS doesn’t save the settings by default. You will have to arrange windows again on the external display.

6. Windows 11 Themes

Apple allows you to select different accents and highlight colors. Microsoft has gone a step ahead, and it now offers dedicated ready-to-use themes that match the wallpaper style.

You can pick the default Windows 11 wallpaper, and the whole look of the OS will change to the Blue theme with Blue accent colors. Similarly, you can select a dark wallpaper or even create your theme with custom wallpapers.

We can see Microsoft offering developers the option to create custom themes and sell them to consumers through the Microsoft Store.

windows 11 theme

7. Settings App

The system Settings app used to look identical on both Windows 10 and Mac. With Windows 11, Microsoft is edging out Apple with a better laid out Settings app.

Windows 11 Settings menu

All the menus and options are neatly categorized, and the whole iconography is also spot-on. Apple definitely has some work to do with the macOS System Preferences menu.

macos system preferences menu

8. A Better Store for Users and Developers

With Windows 11, Microsoft is making significant changes to the official store. The company is opening up support for PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and Android apps.

windows 11 microsoft store

M1-Macs already support iPhone and iPad apps. But Microsoft is taking it further by accepting PWA apps on Store as well. Users no longer need to install them from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

There is good news for developers as well. Non-game-app developers using third-party commerce platforms within their apps will be allowed to retain 100% of revenue. Developers will now be able to host their apps and updates on their own content delivery networks.

Microsoft’s new approach is user-friendly, and it’s already receiving thumbs up from developers as well.

mac app store

Apple admits Mac to have an unacceptable malware problem due to the macOS’s sideloading capability. Instead of leaving it to users to figure out better sources to download apps on the Mac, the company should lose some rules, improve the revenue-share model, and encourage more developers to distribute their apps via the official Mac App Store.

9. Smooth Animations

At first glance, Windows 11 is all about aesthetics. And that continues with the improved animations all over the place. You will see fluid animations when opening up the context menu, widget panel, etc.

The attention to detail is flawless. Just try to open the Start menu or Widget panel from the Taskbar, and you’ll notice a small animation going in the icon. It’s a small detail, but it makes the whole experience better when applied throughout the OS.

macOS does have smooth animations, but Microsoft certainly beats Apple here with a better implementation. With the M-series CPU power on hand, we expect Apple to implement smooth animations in the upcoming macOS update without affecting the performance.

10. Widget Panel

This is one of those features that Microsoft copied from Apple in Windows 11. The company’s desktop OS now carries a dedicated widget panel, but the overall implementation is better than macOS. Allow us to elaborate.

widget panel in windows 11

In Windows 11, the widget panel takes up almost half of the viewing area, offering you a better look at news, weather, and information from other apps. What’s more? You can place two widgets side-by-side in different sizes.

widgets in macOS

This is much better than the current macOS’s current bland look to access and use widgets.

Microsoft has definitely improved its UI/UX and productivity game with the upcoming Windows 11 OS. Windows 11 does carry some features inspired by macOS, but overall, we feel Apple should take a note and integrate some Windows 11 features in a future version of macOS.

Which Windows 11 feature do you want to see in macOS? Share your opinion in the comments below.