Turn Your iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control With Rē

BY Andy

Published 20 Dec 2009

Turn your iphone into remote control

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is scheduled to be held in a couple of weeks from now will see an interesting exhibit from Portland based NewKinetix called the Rē.

Rē is an IR based universal remote control plug-in accessory for the iPhone that can substitute every other remote control at home. 

So how does this work? The Rē remote control comes with an IR accessory and an iPhone app. The iPhone app comprehensively 'learns' the functionalities of any number of remote controlling devices and with the help of a built-in IR database, can quickly let you operate any device inside your home or elsewhere without the need for any battery, wire or WiFi. According to the company website:

"The Rē™ creates a specialized remote control for each entertainment activity you want to control. Activity Remotes are automatically set up to allow you instant access to the right device buttons for watching TV, a DVD movie, or listening to a CD. If you need a special button from a Device Remote, it’s a touch away, or if you use that function often, you can make a copy of the button in your Activity"

More details about how good the device is and its price will be known only during the CES event. From first looks, the device definitely looks impressive. 

Do you find this iPhone accessory particularly useful to your lifestyle? Is this something that you would buy? How much will you be willing to spend on Rē? Please tell us in the comments.

[via ChipChick]

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