Updated App Store Review Guidelines reveal all tvOS apps must support the new Siri Remote

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Oct 2015

New Apple TV

Apple recently updated its App Store Review Guidelines to include tvOS apps, and, in what’s probably not a surprise at all, it’s been discovered that Siri Remote is even more important.

Within the clause that covers functionality for the new Apple TV and tvOS, it’s been revealed that an application will be flat-out denied if it does not have core support for the Siri Remote included with the new set-top box. That means the app has to support a touchpad, as well as voice input.

This is not a surprise for another reason: It has already been revealed that games that run on the new Apple TV need to have support for the Siri Remote, too. With that in mind, and considering how input-heavy games are, it’s not at all surprising that Apple would require the same of any app that runs on the new set-top box.

Still, good to know, considering the Siri Remote offers a variety of different input options, it looks like Apple wants everyone to be using it quite a bit. Though, it’s worth noting that older Apple TV remotes will work with the new Apple TV, too. Just in case.

[via Apple Insider]