UnderCover iPhone App Helps You Recover Stolen iPhone

BY Andy

Published 13 Nov 2009

Undercover app lets you to recover stolen iPhones

For those who remember,'Find my iPhone' is a feature offered by Apple to MobileMe subscribers that lets them to recover lost or stolen iPhones. 

Now a Belgian based company named Orbicule has launched an iPhone app that does the same thing and much more. 

The 'Find My iPhone' feature lets you to constantly monitor the location of your iPhone using GPS as well as send push notifications. Orbicule's Undercover app takes it a bit further from there. 

Using Undercover, you may customize your push notifications to sneakily pull the iPhone's GPS information. For instance, you may send a misleading push notification that says 'Please tap to view your current bank account balance' and as the thief taps and waits for the bank website to load, Undercover records your iPhone's location and notifies not just you but also transmits the details to the police officer working on the case. 

Thanks to Apple's policies, the big downside to this utility is that you may not customize the title of the push notification which reads 'Undercover' all the time – something that can tip the thieves about it being a sneaky theft recovery software. In any case, even if the thieves are savvy enough to remove the Undercover app from your iPhone, Orbicule offers a free helper app called 'Found' that continues to relay GPS information to your Undercover account, which can also help you in recovering your iPhone. The company offers a  money-back guarantee for stolen iPhones or iPod touch that cannot be recovered. 

Here is a nice video that demonstrates Undercover's functionalities. 

How do you like this app? Do you see this as a better alternative to 'Find my iPhone'. Please let us know in the comments.

You may download the Undercover app by clicking here (iTunes link). Also, find the Found app here (iTunes link)

[via MacWorld]

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