World’s First Software Method to Unlock iPhone 3G will be Released Today [Updated]

BY Jason

Published 31 Dec 2008

The iPhone dev team will be releasing their software method to unlock iPhone 3G today.

They had announced that they will be releasing the world’s first software method to unlock iPhone 3G on New Year’s eve and had also broadcasted the live demo of an iPhone 3G being unlocked.

Some of the things to note about their software method to unlock iPhone 3G:

  • They are planning to release the software method to unlock iPhone 3G today.
  • Based on the demo, their unlocking solution should be quite simple to use and will be available via Cydia.
  • So you will need to jailbreak your iPhone 3G to use it.
  • Their method can only unlock iPhone 3G running baseband firmware 2.11.07 or earlier.

So if you have just bought a new iPhone 3G which had iPhone firmware 2.2 with the baseband 02.28.00 pre-installed or if you accidentally upgraded to iPhone firmware 2.2preserving the baseband using their latest Pwnage tools for firmware 2.2 as the Dev team had warned then you will need to wait until they find out a solution to unlock it. without

If you wanted to find out about the exploits used for the 1st gen iPhone and iPhone 3G by the iPhone dev team then checkout this post and watch the embedded video, its very interesting.

Update 1:

The Dev team have not yet released their unlocking solution, however they have posted a cryptic message along with a screenshot (as seen below) which indicates that their software method will also unlock iPhone 3G running baseband firmware 02.28.00.

If it does work, it would be an amazing New Year’s gift for all those iPhone 3G users who accidentally upgraded to iPhone firmware 2.2 without preserving the baseband firmware and also those who recently bought an iPhone 3G which came with firmware 2.2 pre-loaded.

However, if you haven’t updated your iPhone 3G to firmware 2.2 or preserved the baseband firmware to unlock it then do
not update to firmware 2.2, lets wait for a confirmation for the dev

The dev team haven’t mentioned the exact time when it will be released.

Update 2:

As many readers have pointed out its 2009 in most parts of the world but the Dev team have not yet released their unlocking solution. It looks like they have hit some last minute issue which should be resolved soon. The Dev team have just updated their blog with the following update:

(a) The yellowsn0w Cydia package will be available as soon as our devteam member in charge of the repo wakes up to fix a file permission error.  (b) Once it’s out, those users with SIMs that have apps and other menus on them will need to do that extra step we’ve been talking about.  They’ll need to pull and reinsert the SIM once after rebooting the phone to engage the unlock.  Even though it’s needed only once per boot, it’s still a nuisance and we’ll be fixing that ASAP.  (c) You’ll know if you fall into that “extra step” category if your carrier doesn’t show up within about 10 seconds of the slide to unlock screen.  (d) Yes it really is for baseband 02.28.00.  That means everyone can use it now!

So they have confirmed that their unlocking solution will work for iPhone 3G running baseband firmware 02.28.00 as well which is great news.

Update 3:

The iPhone dev team have just published the following information about their software solution to unlock iPhone 3G:

  • The unlock application (that
    we are about to release) works exclusively with baseband 02.28. This
    baseband update is provided by the latest firmware update (2.2) from
    Apple, you’ll need to upgrade to this release using iTunes and then use
    QuickPwn to activate etc, there are plenty of tutorials about this.
  • The application is a small daemon that is launched on boot and
    also whenever there is a baseband reset, you won’t know anything about
    it (apart from the use of the third-party SIM) it is small and
    unobtrusive, there is no GUI, this is by design, you can ignore it.
  • You can add the application using the sources outlined below
    (coming soon), there are Cydia and Installer sources available, use
    whichever you are comfortable using.
  • There is a known issue with SIM cards that have STK (SIM
    Toolkit) application menus, these menus are usually items such as “top
    up” “get credit” etc. These menu items confuse the application
    sometimes, removing and reinserting the SIM fixes this issue.
  • The application is version 0.9, this is considered beta software, you use it at your own risk. You know the score.
  • The application is released
    on a non-commerical basis, do not accept pirates and scummy rip offs of
    this software. We license this software for single use and in a
    non-commerical environment (meaning you can’t charge for it). The
    techniques and methods used are not to be used by third party companies.

The dev team have still not mentioned the exact time on when it will
be released, so please be patient it should be out shortly. We will let
you know as soon as it is available.

Update 4:

World’s First Software Method to Unlock iPhone 3G Released

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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