iPhone Dev Team Make Significant Progress in Unlocking iPhone 3G

BY Jason

Published 19 Oct 2008

iPhone firmware 2.0 hacked

The iPhone Dev Team have been successful in jailbreaking and unlocking the 1st generation iPhone and jailbreaking iPhone 3G.

However, they still have couple of challenges, the first one is the much awaited software method to unlock iPhone 3G and the more recent one is to jailbreak the 2nd generation iPod Touch.

They have published a post on their blog to give us an update on their progress in unlocking iPhone 3G.

The iPhone Dev Team seem to have made significant progress in unlocking iPhone 3G as they have modified the baseband of iPhone 3G and even though it failed the integrity check, it was still running.

If you are new to the iPhone hacking world then here is some background to understand the significance of the iPhone Dev Team’s progress. The iPhone is essentially a computer with a GSM modem attached to it. So to unlock the iPhone, hackers need to hack the operating system for the computer half of the phone and the baseband which is like the operating system for the Modem.

When hackers start to unlock the iPhone; the first thing they usually hack is the operating system of the iPhone, this process is known as jailbreaking. All this means is that they find a way into the OS to get read/write access to the file system. Jailbreaking also allows you to install jailbreak apps that are not available on iPhone’s App Store. However, if you want to make and receive calls they need to also hack the baseband so that it can accept non-AT&T SIM cards, this process is known as unlocking.

The iPhone Dev Team have already managed to jailbreak iPhone 3G. They have mentioned that though the latest breakthrough of running modified code is extremely useful, they still can’t give an accurate time table as to when they will be able to successfully unlock iPhone 3G.

You can watch the brief video of the process below:

Based on their track record the iPhone Dev Team should be able to unlock iPhone 3G, the question now remains is when?

Let us know your views.

[via iPhone Dev Team]

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