How to Use an Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Your Mac

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 3 Jun 2016

The creation of the animated GIF has changed my life for forever. I use GIFs so often people are convinced that I have a stockpile of GIFs on my phone and computer. Both of which are true. Now, you will be hard pressed to find a person that completely hates animated GIFs, which is why they would make for perfect computer desktop backgrounds. 

While it is super easy to get an animated wallpaper on your iPhone, it is not as easy for your Mac desktop. But “not easy”, does not mean impossible. We are going to show you how to get cool animated GIFs for your computer wallpaper.

How to Use an Animated GIF as Wallpaper in Mac OS X with GIFPaper

The first thing you will need to do is find the free app GIFPaper. This is NOT an approved app by any means. If you are not too excited to download and app from outside the app store or from a developer you are not sure of, please do not download the app.

Step 1.

When you do download the app, it will appear on your computer as a zipped file, so you will need to unzip it in order to access the program. Once unzipped open the GIFPaperPrefs file.

Installation - GIFPaper

Step 2.

In the preference panel find a GIF on your computer using the browse feature. You can adjust the settings from this panel as well. If working properly you will see the GIF in the preview panel on the left.

GIFPaper - install

Step 3.

The wallpaper should begin immediately after it uploads into the preference panel. If that does not work you can install the GIFPaper app and upload the GIF as a wallpaper that way.

Step 4. 

Enjoy you new animated wallpaper! Since there is an animation constantly running in the background it will force your CPU to work harder than usual.

And remember you can change out these GIFs anytime you want and even use Live Photos for it as well.

Step 5. 

To uninstall GIFPaper, open up System Preferences and right-click on the GifPaper icon. It’s transparent, but it should be near the bottom of the menu.


Then, open Activity Monitor, find GIFPaperAgent and Quit it. That’s it.

Quit GIFPaper

What do you think of GIFPaper? Let us know in the comments section.

[Tip via OSXDaily]