Windows 98 successfully installed on iPhone 6 Plus

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 11 Nov 2014

Windows 98 on iPhone 6 Plus

According to a post on popular tech forum, a Chinese user with the handle xyqo58775 has figured out a way to install Windows 98 on his iPhone 6 Plus, and the most interesting thing is that he seems to have managed to do it without jailbreaking his device.

It is not the first time someone has ported Windows on an iPhone. Back in 2009, some Russian hackers had managed to port Windows 95 on the iPhone 3G. However, it is the first time someone has managed to get it working on an iPhone 6 Plus, and without jailbreaking. The developer claims that he has managed to get Windows 98 running on his iPhone 6 Plus using iDos app (App Store link), an emulator that allows you to play dos games on your iPhone or iPad, and by making some modifications.

xyqo58775 also makes it clear that he is “not a big God” and has only used the existing resources and tools available out there to get Windows 98 up and running on his iPhone 6 Plus. He also states that while installing Windows XP is theoretically possible on the iPhone, the installation process will automatically exit after a certain point and there is no solution to bypass the problem for now. He plans to get Windows XP running on iPhone 6 Plus whenever he gets time.

If you know Chinese, you can find the full steps to install Windows 98 on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus here. If not, I’d recommend you to wait until someone translates the guide in English since Google Translate does not particularly do a good job.

While there is no real world use of it, it’s cool in a wierd way to see Windows 98 running on the iPhone 6 Plus (little less weird than it running on the tiny iPhone 3G).

Check out the photos of Windows 98 on the iPhone 6 Plus:

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