YouTube for iPhone and iPad Getting a Refreshed Video Player UI

BY Anu Joy

Published 2 Feb 2022


YouTube’s video player is getting a UI refresh with all its key elements now available in full screen mode, making it easier to access buttons such as like, dislike, comment, and more. The older version of the app only allowed you to access these features by swiping up from the bottom of the video.

You can view this change by switching to full-screen mode on your iOS or Android device. There are no visible UI changes in the portrait mode, which already had easy access to key buttons.

YouTube UI full screen

The new update also makes it easier to go to the comments section of the YouTube video. Previously, navigating to the comments used to be a tedious process. You had to switch from full-screen to portrait mode, tap on the comments, and switch back to full screen mode. Now, all you have to do is tap on the comment icon at the bottom of the screen and the comments pop up at the right-hand side of the video.

YouTube UI comments

This applies to other buttons as well. You don’t have to interrupt your full-screen video to like, dislike, share, or even add it to your playlist. All these buttons are easily accessible at the bottom of the video. There’s a “More Videos” shortcut at the bottom right of the screen, replacing the “Up Next” queue. It features a thumbnail preview that opens up a carousel of YouTube-suggested videos.

The new video player UI has started rolling out to Android and iOS devices. Although it isn’t widely available yet, the refreshed UI should eventually make its way to all devices in the coming days.

[Via The Verge]