10 Cool ways to use Instagram’s Layout app

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 9 May 2015


Instagram is one of the world’s most popular photo sharing applications, yet it has been known for lacking some customization features. While it is full of filters and photo manipulation tools, it sorely lacked the function to splice photos together or create epic collages. So, to answer these needs, Instagram recently launched Layout and I am going to show you 10 new ways Layout can improve your Instagram game.

First, download Layout for free in the App Store. Layout lets you combine multiple photos into a single image, AKA a collage. The app is available for all devices running iOS 7 and up, and will have an Android counterpart in the next few months.

Layout - Get Started

Once downloaded you can swipe through the mini tutorial to get better acquainted. Then it’s time to get started. You can use the mirroring and flip options to create a ton of cool photos. Here are 10 ways to use Layout for your photos.

1. Mirror Mirror

You can either take and image using the photo booth option, or snag an image from your Camera Roll. Once you have an image selected, choose a layout (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, etc.) and tap Mirror. Here is a 2×2 example I made.

Layout App - Mirror - Image

2. Combine Trip Clips

If you recently went on a trip or vacation create a cool collages with foods, monuments, and other cool moments instead of uploading those related images individually. This makes your photos way more unique and easily accessible to followers.

3. Flip Pics

Take a cool photo and flip it on top of itself. If you have really good images, you can create fake reflections and fool your friends.

Layout App - Flip Image

4. Kaleidoscope Effect

Mirror and flip and image to create a cool kaleidoscope effect.

Layout App - Kaleidoscope

5. Re-purpose Old Images

I have a ton of old images and photos saved in my Camera Roll. With Layout I can create cool before-and-after photos and spruce up those old photos with these new effects.

6. Build a Sequence 

Using the photo booth function you can take a quick sequence of up to four photos one after the next. You can also create a sequence of photos using the images from your gallery.

7.  Create a story 

Everyone knows the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Use your pictures and the ability to sequence them to your advantage. Replicate the beginning, middle, and end of a party, feast, or special event through your images. Here’s a pre-Halloween montage.

Layout App - Sequence

8. How Symmetrical is your face

Use Layout to test your face symmetry.

9. Photo Booth

If you enjoy taking selfies, Layout’s photo booth is perfect for you. Choose the number of shots and create the best layout for the image.

10. Double Up on Food Shots

Twice the food, twice the good. If you have a three-course meal, include all the images in one photo.

Layout App - Food - Image

Layout adds a fun layer to your standard photos, and if you are creative enough, can create some really amazing images. These are just 10 cool ways to use the new app, but really, the possibilities are endless. Share some of your cool Layout created photos with us in the comment section.