22 Best iPhone Weather Widgets You Can Get in 2022

BY Rajesh

Published 23 Apr 2022

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If you can keep track of the weather right from the home screen of your iPhone, why dig into the weather apps to monitor it. Apart from letting you keep a tab on weather information, the widgets can also play a vital role in customizing your home screen. With various themes, icons, and backgrounds on offer, they are fully customizable and can spruce up your awesome home screen layouts. Here is the curated collection of the 22 best iPhone home screen weather widgets that you would love to try.

1. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a fun-loving weather app. What sets it apart is the ability to present weather conditions hilariously. So, if you want weather widgets to show accurate forecasts and be a little different from the rest, put Carrot Weather right on your radar.

➤ Download – Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

2. Weather & Radar 

There are very few weather apps as feature-rich as Weather & Radar. As someone who has used this app for a long time, I’m glad to know that it offers beautifully designed weather widgets. The app provides hourly and daily forecasts. Plus, a 14-day weather outlook to help you plan your outings smartly. Couple that with the severe weather warnings and the worldwide live weather map, and it seems to tick all the right boxes to be your go-to weather app. 

➤ Download – Weather & Radar


3. Apple Weather 

If you need a reliable and straightforward weather widget for your iPhone, look no further than the Apple Weather widget. The stock weather app comes pre-installed on your iPhone and shows all the essential information about weather conditions. It also comes in multiple sizes to let you choose the one that suits your design. 

Apple Weather

4. Weather Widgets Plus

Weather Widgets Plus is worth trying out if you need a feature-rich weather widget. With this widget, you can keep track of the current weather and various environmental factors, including wind info, sunrise, sunset, cloud cover, UV index, and more. Additionally, the app also shows the daily forecasts for the next seven days to help you plan your journeys better. 

➤ Download – Weather Widgets Plus

Weather widget plus

5. Weather ++++

What makes Weather ++++ one of the coolest widget apps for iPhone is the colorful design. If you are looking for funky weather widgets to customize your iPhone home screen, this one could be the perfect solution. With highly customizable backgrounds and icons, it allows you to design custom weather widgets to your heart’s liking. Beyond customization, it provides an accurate seven-day forecast to let you keep track of weather conditions right from the home screen of your iPhone. Note that the app costs $1.99 per month to use. 

➤ Download – Weather ++++

Weather Colorful

6. ambient 

ambient is a lightweight weather widget. It shows the current weather in your words and fun-filled emojis. Hence, tracking weather conditions becomes a pleasing experience. Moreover, the widget automatically updates with a new city every minute to let you easily monitor your favorite cities’ weather conditions. 

➤ Download – Ambient

7. Today Widget 

Today Widget is colorful and fully customizable. With four different styles called Dream, Natural, Gradient, and Minimalism, you can choose your home screen design’s desired look. As for the weather information, it shows the hourly weather forecast for the next 24 hours and the daily weather forecast for the next seven days. 

➤ Download – Today Widget

8. Yandex Weather 

Yandex Weather is what you should get to have accurate hyperlocal weather forecasts. Apart from offering real-time alerts to help you avoid inclement weather, it also shows more interactive radar-style information. 

➤ Download – Yandex Weather

9. Weather Widget & Radar Fuji

In terms of showing accurate weather information and offering a ton of customization for designing your iPhone home screen, the Fuji weather widget is up to the mark. This widget app’s biggest highlight is the plethora of styles that make creating custom weather widgets fun. Better still, the app is integrated with a weather calendar so that you can plan your week right from one app. 

➤ Download – Weather Widget & Radar Fuji


10. First Weather 

Boasting eye-catching weather animations, First Weather deserves a chance, especially if customization is on top of your mind. It shows up-to-the-minute weather information and provides forecasts for up to 15 days. Furthermore, it comes with a robust weather radar and keeps you updated with real-time warnings. 

➤ Download – First Weather

11. Widgetsmith 

Widgetsmith is more than just a simple weather widget. So, if you are hunting for a feature-packed widget app to let you design a wide variety of custom widgets, Widgetsmith could be a great pick. Based on your preference, you can choose a desired weather widget template, fine-tune it with the specific information you want to show, and then use it to amp up the appearance of your home screen. 

➤ Download – Widgetsmith


12. Tomorrow.io

While Tomorrow.io may not be as feature-packed and versatile as some other apps, it has the features to live up to the task. The highlight of this app is its ability to display down-to-the-minute forecasts and air quality maps. Better yet, Tomorrow.io also provides weather safety alerts and tips from the National Weather Service. 

➤ Download – Tomorrow.io: Weather Forecast

13. Weather Mate

For having an accurate and hyperlocal weather forecast, you can count on Weather Mate. Thanks to more than 250,000 personal weather stations and automated surface observation system (ASOS) stations located at airports, the app excels in offering accurate weather data. As for design, the weather app features an intuitive UI that is convenient to navigate and delivers the needed customization. Talking about the weather widget, it is lightweight and has multiple pre-loaded designs. Overall, it’s one of the best free iPhone weather widgets you can get right now. 

➤ Download – Weather Mate

Weather Mate

14. Color Photo Widgets 

This one is primed for the folks who are fond of vibrant-looking widgets. If that’s you, there is a good chance that it will win you over right away. Even though it’s not a dedicated weather widget, it allows you to craft a custom weather widget with the preferred information like temperature, humidity, and more. 

➤ Download – Color Photo Widgets

15. Widget Weather Lite

If you are after a simple and completely free weather widget for your iPhone, widget weather lite could be the correct answer. The clean user interface coupled with an acceptable level of customization makes it a safe bet. Plus, it also delivers an accurate GPS-based weather forecast.

➤ Download – Widget Weather Lite

16. any.Widget 

As the name itself suggests, any.Widget is a one-stop destination for widgets. Packed with a wide range of options, including weather, calendar, quotes, note, and more, it excels in versatility. You can choose a suitable widget theme, personalize it to your liking, set it to adorn your home screen, and make tracking weather a hassle-free task. 

➤ Download – any.Widget

17. Weather Live 

Weather Live lets you choose the weather parameters you wish to track, select a preferred layout, and design the widget with different backgrounds. Aside from keeping you updated with timely bad weather alerts, it provides daily reports with vital information, including the UV and visibility details. As it also offers an Apple Watch app, you will be able to monitor the forecast using your wearable. 

➤ Download – Weather Live

Weather Live 

18. SimpleWeather

Designed to make tracking weather conditions a more simplified experience, SimpleWeather should appeal to your taste if you prefer a clutter-free look. Depending on your needs, you can set your region, choose a suitable background color, and customize the interface to access only the information you need. 

➤ Download – SimpleWeather

19. Clock Radar

Clock Radar is the sort of weather widget that tends to win you over right from the get-go. A plethora of themes, custom backgrounds, and neat tools for customization ensure crafting adorable iPhone home screen widgets is never a big deal. Even in terms of accuracy, Clock Radar is on par with the best primarily due to showing hourly and daily forecasts from trusted sources. 

➤ Download – Clock Radar

Clock Radar

20. Good Weather 

If you have a penchant for creating pro-grade weather widgets for iPhone but find it difficult to give shape to your ideas, Good Weather could be a perfect app for you. With this widget app, you can create a variety of weather widgets without breaking a sweat. 

➤ Download – Good Weather

21. Weather Clock Widget 

Just a glance at Weather Clock’s widgets, and you will know that they look unique. Unlike other weather widgets, the Weather Clock widgets sport an animated clock design with an hour-by-hour forecast, time, and date. Equipped with a variety of icon sets and professionally designed themes, it gives you complete freedom to let you create attractive clock widgets. Better still, it also offers the Apple Watch weather app and functional complications.

➤ Download – Weather Clock Widget

22. All Widget 

Featuring more than 10,000 widget combinations, All Widget can cater to your varied taste with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you want to monitor weather information, track battery life, or check YouTube stats, it’s got you covered. With many widgets at your disposal, you can craft stunning home screen layouts.

➤ Download – All Widget

All Widget 

There you go! So, that wraps up this exhaustive roundup of the best weather widgets for iPhone. I guess you’ve found the widgets you were looking for. Would you mind sharing the names of the widgets that will adorn your home screen? Also, do not forget to mention the ones that are worth including in this roundup as well.