2020 iMac Review Roundup: It’s All about Nano-Texture Display, 1080p Webcam, Intel CPUs

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 6 Aug 2020

Earlier this week, Apple updated the iMac with faster 10th gen. Intel processors, new AMD GPU’s and other minor upgrades like FaceTime HD camera and a new microphone array. If you plan to buy the 2020 iMac then check our review roundup below to know what reviewers are saying about the new iMac.

The new 27-inch iMac is powered by a 10-core Intel processor that offers Turbo Boost of up to 5GHz. Apple claims the new iMac is 40 percent faster as compared with the 2019 iMac. First Benchmarks reveal just how fast the 2020 iMac.

2020 27-inch iMac Review Roundup

The Verge

The publication talks about how the relevancy of minor improvements like the new 1080p webcam.

But there’s one spec bump that is wildly out of character for Apple, even in this pandemic year: the quality of the webcam has finally been improved. If you’re video conferencing a lot, the new 1080p webcam is likely going to be the thing that improves your day-to-day the most. I hate to tell you this, but you really do look more professional to your colleagues when your camera is just a little sharper.

My first two big reservations are, unfortunately, the sorts of things that can’t be resolved with just two days of testing. One is the price: at $500, it’s a super expensive upgrade, and only your tolerance for glare can tell you if it’s worth the price. Another thing that might help you decide if it’s worth is whether the finish is durable. That’s my second reservation: I just don’t know.

Apple is charging $500 for a nano texture finish. The nano texture does reduce glare to a great extent, however, The Verge considers it as an expensive upgrade and not sure whether it’s worth the money. Moreover, Apple has not commented on the durability of Nano texture glass.

The Verge sums up the review with the following para

There’s one more variable in the decision process of buying this iMac: at some point in the next two years, it will be replaced by another model that uses Apple’s own ARM processors instead of Intel’s. Presumably, that iMac will finally get a refresh that does away with the honking chin and inability to log in biometrically. But whether ARM Macs are a good buy is impossible to say today — as is guessing if you should wait for them.

As the publication points out, Apple is expected to come up with a new iMac powered by Apple Silicon processor. Furthermore, the iMac is also expected to feature a major design overhaul that includes iPad Pro like bezel-less display.

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The publication points out due to the pandemic a majority of the workforce is working from home. The professionals will require powerful machines like the iMac to work and this might lead to an increase in demand.

After a rough first quarter due to supply issues, the demand of home laptops and desktops is on the rise as many office employees have come to recognize that remote work is going to very much be our reality for the foreseeable future. Keep in mind that Google recently moved its office reopening date to next July, and the company is very much a bellwether for the tech industry at large. If you’re going to be working from home for awhile, two things are essential: a nice office chair and a capable computer.

The biggest upgrade here is the move from the 720p camera to the 1080p one found on the iMac. As someone who’s been playing around with his home audio/video setup during the pandemic while TechCrunch enters the brave new world of virtual tech conferences, it’s something that I’ve had a keen eye on. I’ve been suggesting since the outset of the pandemic that the next generation of laptops and desktops are finally going to be getting serious about microphones and webcams, after years of letting smartphones lead the pack.

Once again they talk about the webcam upgrade and increased clarity on offer by the new microphone setup.

I’ve upgraded my system ahead of our big Disrupt event in September to include an external camera and microphone. I recognize that these are both probably overkill for a majority of users. The above shot was taken with the iMac webcam. It’s a clear shot and more than acceptable for teleconferencing needs. The system sports a number of on-board sensors designed to augment the experience, including face tracking for better shot framing and increased performance in low light.

There’s a nice selection of ports on the back of the device. You get four USB-A (full-size USB ports) and two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C. I could have done with more of the latter, in an effort to further future-proof the system, but it’s a solid selection, none the less. There’s also a gigabit Ethernet port that can be upgraded to 10GB, for those who need to hardwire.”

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