This Stunning 2021 iMac Concept Imagines iMac With iPad Pro and Pro Display XDR Inspired Design

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 20 Apr 2021

2021 iMac Concept

A new 2021 iMac concept has surfaced the internet hours before the official announcement at Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event.

We’ve been hearing about a major redesign coming to iMac this year for quite some time. Apple hasn’t updated the design of the iMac in years, but the company is finally expected to announce Apple Silicon iMacs at its “Spring Loaded” event slated to take place later today.

ConceptsiPhone, a popular concept maker, has come with up a stunning concept of the upcoming Apple Silicon iMacs. The design is based on the leaks and the rumors floating around. 2021 iMac is expected to ship with a flat back, and in a bunch of colors like the original G3 iMac.

The concept shows the iMac in all of the five iPad Air’s colors, including blue, rose gold, black, red, and green. Overall, the design looks very familiar to the Pro Display XDR, however, it has a very different screen in the front. The front shows an iPad Pro-inspired screen with rounded corners and slim bezels.

Most notably, the overall machine is thinner as compared to the current-generation iMac, which is available only in silver color and has a hefty rounded back. Apple might actually be able to decrease the thickness of the device, though not by as much as the concept creator thinks, by incorporating an M-series chip.

Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event is due to take place later today, at 10:00 AM PT. The company is expected to announce a whole bunch of products, including a new mini-LED iPad Pro, refreshed basic iPad, and a new iPad mini, AirTags along with an Apple Silicon iMac. We’ll be covering the event live here on iPhoneHacks so do keep an eye on all the announcements.