Apple publishes new iPhone 3G Guided Tour

BY Jason

Published 1 Jul 2008

iPhone 3G

Apple has published a guided tour for their soon-to-be-released new iPhone 3G. The video walkthrough of the second generation iPhone is by the same dude who had given walkthroughs of the first generation iPhone.

In the video walkthrough, the iPhone dude covers "What’s new in the
iPhone 3G" and the iPhone firmware 2.0 update to be rolled out on July
11. You can checkout the guided tour by following this link.

I love the way Apple handles tech product rollouts. If you want
first-time customers to line up outside your stores on the first day
then you are better off educating them about the product well before
the rollout date. I don’t think it has anything to do with Apple trying
to start or increase hype for their 3G iPhone as some folks in the
blogosphere seem to believe, if it does start or increase the hype then
thats just a bonus.

What do you think? Did you spot anything interesting in the guided tour?


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