Adobe Photoshop Camera App Comes to iPhones with Various Face Filters, Basic Photo Editing Features

BY Asif Shaik

Published 11 Jun 2020

Adobe Photoshop Camera Features

Adobe is famous for its creativity and media editing apps such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, and most of these cost a bomb. Today, the company has launched a free app—Photoshop Camera—for the iPhone, and although it has the name Photoshop in it, it has little to do with the original Photoshop app. Let us have a look at what this new app can do.

The Adobe Photoshop Camera app is now available for iPhones and Android smartphones, and it brings dozens of AI-powered face filters and impressive photo effects. Although the app has some basic photo editing features such as brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation, it is really targeted towards people who use a lot of Instagram and Snapchat filters.

Filters inside the Photoshop Camera app are quite elaborate, and it can change not only the face of a user but also the world around them. For example, an image consisting of a person with the sky in the background, it can not only decorate the face but also put magical stars in the sky. Some filters depict Black Mirror-like glitchy look while others have comic book-like colors and effects.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App Photo Effects

The app also features a magic wand button that automatically enhances images for times when you don’t have time to tinker with various adjustments to make your photos look amazing. You can then post beautiful images on social media websites within a matter of seconds. The Photoshop Camera app is compatible with most iPhones as well as recent Galaxy, OnePlus, and Pixel smartphones.

The Photoshop Camera app even features filters created by celebrities and influencers. Although the Photoshop Camera app clearly competes with various social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the company says that it doesn’t intend to compete with those apps. Adobe had launched a preview program for this app in November 2019.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App For iPhone

[Download: Adobe Photoshop Camera App For iOS]