All the best new apps and app updates to land in the App Store this week [May 4 – May 8]

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 8 May 2015

app store Each week, a new round of apps and app updates land in the iOS App Store. This week is no exception with the debut of Goat Simulator GoatZ and a major update to Lark Chat: Personal Weight Loss Coach & 24/7 Nutritionist. These titles are only a sampling of what is available. Read on for our weekly picks of the best new apps and app updates that you shouldn’t miss.

New and notable apps

Doodle Tanks™ HD [$1.99] It’s Time to Go to War! From the Creators of Doodle God & Doodle Devil Comes a New All Ages Puzzle Game!

Goat Simulator GoatZ [$4.99] GoatZ is the latest official addition to the Goat Simulator universe, and is a fine contender for the dumbest thing to come from Coffee Stain Studios yet – GOATS AND ZOMBIES IN THE SAME GAME!

Streamline – calendar [$3.99] Do you dare to break conventions? Streamline is the first real evolution from the paper diary.

Grim Fandango Remastered [$9.99] Something’s rotten in the land of the dead, and you’re being played for a sucker.

Magic 8 Ball™-The Official App [Free] Need answers fast? The classic Magic 8 Ball novelty toy from Mattel gives you its take on all of your most pressing Yes or No questions!

GLP – Great Little Place [Free] GLP helps you discover the best restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops off the beaten track all over the world, from London to New York, Cape Town to San Fran, Dublin to Sydney and every major city in between.

The Enchanted Cave 2 [$2.99] Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategically choosing your battles to gather as much treasure as possible!

adidas go [Free] adidas go is a new running app that matches your favorite music from Spotify to your pace. It calculates your step count in real time and then serves you just the right song.

App updates you shouldn’t miss

Lark Chat: Personal Weight Loss Coach & 24/7 Nutritionist [Free] Wanting to lose some weight and struggling to stick with it by yourself? Tired of tediously counting calories and steps? Help is here. Meet Lark, your personal weight-loss coach on your phone that handles all the busy work and then texts with you to help you succeed.. Version 2.0.0 includes the following changes:

  • Effortless Meal Logging
  • Instant Feedback on Your Diet
  • Automatic Exercise + Sleep Tracking
  • 24/7 Support When You Need It
  • Weight Loss Coach on Your Wrist
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements:

Yo. [Free] The simplest & most efficient communication tool in the world. Version 3.0.0 includes the following changes:

  • In-app Yos have been fixed, They now display beautifully above your contacts and do not get in the way. We’ve also added a sent date to all your yos.
  • Yo Back & Yo Back Location form Yo notifications has been fixed.
  • This version also introduces a new Login Interface. Passwords are no longer restricted to just numbers.
  • As always, performance improvements and general bug fixes.

PhotoSync – wireless photo and video transfer, backup and share app [$2.99] PhotoSync allows you to transfer your photos & videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC over your local Wi-Fi network. . Version 3.0 includes the following changes:

  • Support for Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Delete support
  • Full support for iCloud Photo Library
  • Full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
  • Support for new OS X Photos App
  • Powerful subdirectory creation features
  • Full support for burst photos and photo & video edits
  • Support for folders and nested structures
  • Smart Albums
  • Moments
  • Screenshots
  • Advanced Display Options
  • Extended RAW + JPEG support
  • Avoid duplicates feature
  • Sort files on remote services by file extension
  • iBeacon Support for Autotransfer
  • Custom file name support

Downcast for OS X [$9.99] Downcast, the popular iOS podcast app is now available for OS X! Download, play and sync** your favorite podcasts with an intuitive interface built specifically for podcasts.. Version 1.1.10 includes the following changes:

  • Adds settings for episode start/finish times to help with skipping annoying intros and outros.
  • Adds button for jumping to 1Password to find credentials for protected podcasts

Best Buy [Free] Get everything Best Buy has to offer – wherever, whenever. Find stores, find deals, find reviews, find the lowest prices on the hottest tech.. Version 9.1 includes the following changes:

  • Now accepting Apple Pay! Available for most products on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

Today In History iPad Edition [$2.99] Just another day?…NEVER! With Today in History, every day is historic and epic!. Version 4.0 includes the following changes:

  • Updated for iOS 7/8
  • Sleek & Intuitive Design.
  • Quote of the day: Timeless wisdom from iconic historical figures.
  • Images: Visual representation of every event, headline and quote.
  • Headlines: Details on major events that have shaped our world.
  • Notifications: Receive unique notifications of top events daily.
  • And of course various bug fixes…

Runtastic Me – Daily Activity, Health, Exercise & Fitness Tracker plus Step Counter App [Free] Runtastic Me offers you reliable, on-the-go tracking to help you get a better understanding of your daily movements, personal habits and untapped potential.. Version 1.3.1 includes the following changes:

  • Your favorite 24-hour step & calorie tracking app is now better than ever!
  • Improved stability and minor bug fixes

Apple’s App of the Week

Toca Nature: Nature is magic. Took Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips. $2.99 → Free

Apple’s highlighted collections

Apple this week updated the iOS App Store and is now featuring apps for biking to work and games you can play to flex your gaming muscle .

Top iPhone and iPad Apps in the App store

Top Free iPhone: Facebook Messenger [Free] Instantly reach the people in your life—for free. Messenger is just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan).

Top Paid iPhone: Monument Valley [On sale for $0.99] In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.

Top Free iPad: YouTube [Free] Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Catch up with your favorite channels, enjoy the world’s largest music collection, and share easily with friends.

Top Paid iPad: Monument Valley [On sale for $0.99] In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.

Top Grossing iPhone and iPad: Clash of Clans [Free] From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.

Know of a new app or app update that is not on the list? Then share your personal favorites in the comments.