App Store now has One Million iPhone and iPad apps

BY Jason

Published 7 Dec 2013

app store

Nearly a year ago, the App Store crossed 1 million approved apps, but out of them only 700k apps were live. Today, the App Store has reached a million live iPhone and iPad apps.

The data comes from the folks at AppFire, an App Store discovery company. From their blog:

Out of [the million live apps] 413k were optimized for the iPad (either universal or iPad specific). 1.4m Apps have ever been approved by Apple to date (for comparison 881k apps are live on the Play Store and 1.17m have been approved)

It’s strange that Apple doesn’t have an official announcement for such a major milestone, but our guess is that app downloads are a far more important metric to the company than the number of live apps. We do expect the “million apps” to get a mention during the next Apple event, press release or earnings call.

When Apple launched the App Store on July 10th, 2008, even Apple wouldn’t have thought in their wildest imaginations that it would end up becoming such a huge success. Most recently, Apple announced that the App Store hit a whopping 50 billion app downloads.