Apple Details How to Restore an iMac Pro

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Dec 2017

The iMac Pro went up for order earlier this week, and now the company has outlined how to restore the hardware if something goes wrong.

The company has put together a quick rundown of what to do to restore an iMac Pro if the owner needs to. Apple says that an iMac Pro may become unresponsive if it is hit with a power failure during an update to macOS. In that case, a full restore might be required to make the system work again:

“In certain circumstances, such as a power failure during a macOS upgrade, an iMac Pro may become unresponsive and must be restored. The requirements for doing an iMac Pro restore are.”

To go through the process, you’ll need to use Apple Configurator 2.0 and another iMac. The process is similar to the DFU restore process that’s present on iPhones and iPads. Here are the steps:

  • Apple Configurator 2.6 installed on any Mac that supports macOS High Sierra and has Internet access.
  • You may need to configure your web proxy or firewall ports to allow all network traffic from Apple devices to Apple’s network
  • Supported USB-A or USB-C to USB-C or a Thunderbolt cable, such as the one sold by Apple.
  • The USB-C cable:
  • Must support both power and data.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a supported Thunderbolt to USB-C adapter, such as the one sold by Apple.

As mentioned above you will need that second Mac running Configurator 2.6 to go through the process and restore the iMac Pro, so it’s not the easiest methodology.

[via @zoocoup; @stroughtonsmith; Apple]