Apple Publishes ‘Unlock’ Ad Focused on iPhone X and Face ID

BY Evan Selleck

Published 16 Mar 2018

Through November and December of last year, Apple was publishing new ads on its YouTube channel to help promote the newest smartphone in its lineup, the iPhone X, and its newest biometric security feature, Face ID.

Now, the company is back at it again, bringing another ad to its official YouTube channel, and, more than likely, onto TV screens as well. The new ad is, fittingly, called “Unlock”, and it stars a young woman walking through a high school and unlocking not only the iPhone X, but everything around her.

We get to watch as she moves from one area of the school to the next, as lockers fly open, desks open, and content generally explodes all over the place. There’s some music, too, and the ad itself measures in at just over a minute. It’s a pretty unique one, to say the least, and you can check it out just below.

Our Take

There is a lot going on in this ad! It’s a fun watch, pretty comical in its own right. However, I just have to point out that we’re supposed to be talking about a security measure here, where you look at your phone and Face ID, by way of the TrueDepth Camera system, unlocks your smartphone. The fact that we’re then shown the young protagonist just walking around, looking at random locks on lockers she doesn’t own, suddenly getting access to stuff that doesn’t belong to her.

That’s probably overthinking things, but it stood out to me!

What do you think of Apple’s newest ad?