Apple Could Be Phasing Out 5W USB Power Adapter

BY Sriansh

Published 16 Aug 2022

Apple 5W Charging Adapter USA

Apple’s infamous 5W charging adapter is no longer available for purchase in many countries and could be phased out soon.

Before the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple used to ship a charging brick in the box. However, since its launch in 2020, Apple has stopped shipping any charging adapters in the box. The company launched a 20W fast-charging USB-C adapter for the same price as the 5W model, but it was sold separately. Even so, the 5W USB accessory remained in stores for those who wanted to purchase it.

It now seems that Apple is finally planning to phase out the 5W power adapter ahead of the iPhone 14 launch next month. As noted by the Japanese publication MacOtakara, the 5W charging brick is sold out on Apple’s online store in Japan.

The 5W Charging Adapter is Still Available in the US

Besides Japan, the charging adapter cannot be purchased in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, or China. It, however, continues to be available in the US for $19, as well as in Canada, Brazil, the UK, and a few other countries. 

In spite of faster USB chargers being widely available, some people still use the Apple 5W slower adapter to avoid excessive wear on their smartphones and accessories’ batteries. Even though modern gadgets are designed to withstand overheating or wearing of the batteries during charging, using a slower power adapter for charging can be beneficial for battery longevity. But it now seems that Apple has pulled the plug on the slow power adapter.

Apple’s 5W power adapter isn’t expected to return to stores anytime soon, and its disappearance from more countries is likely to follow. 

Source: MacOtaraka | Via: MacRumors