The Top 6 Cheap Accessories for 2018 iPad Pro

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 20 Jan 2019

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018

An iPad Pro is built to serve all purpose, be it entertainment or work. It is a super-efficient device to have. Despite its versatility and a stellar selection of pro apps, it still requires some catalysts to increase its productivity, especially when you use it as replacement of a laptop for professional purposes.

There are a number of products available in the market differing in range and features, and it can get quite confusing at times to decide what can be the best for you. Plus, you might not want to drop close to $200 for Apple’s Smart Keyboard Case or $100 for the leather sleeve or $129 for the new Apple Pencil.

If you choose to buy all of Apple’s recommended accessories, you’ll close to double the price of the base 11-inch iPad Pro. If you don’t have the budget for it, don’t worry. You can buy third-party accessories for a fraction of the cost, that provides similar features and experience.

This article lists some notable and affordable accessories you will need for your iPad Pro which are reliable and also have been reviewed to be great for your use, without getting heavy on your budget.

1. Lamicall Aluminum Tablet Stand

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018 3

It is an utmost basic need that you’ll require for your long hours of office work on your iPad Pro.

iPad Pro is an in-hand accessory and like phones, you constantly need to strain your neck in order to work with it, in turn damaging your spine. This iPad Pro stand is the basic accessory you can have which is super adjustable and can be folded and carried around.

Plop it on your desk, adjust it to the angle that’s good for your eyes and your neck, and start working. The stand makes it easy to switch angles (comes in handy when you’re choosing to use a keyboard or working directly on the touchscreen.

Buy: Lamicall Aluminium Tablet Stand ($13.99)

2. Aukey 10,000mAh Battery Pack

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018 5

The iPad Pro comes with a good battery life, however, to avoid going off the hook during your long working hours, its safe to carry 10,000 mAh extra power handy.

The Aukey Power Bank has an integrated small and sleek look which is also light to carry around. It includes a USB-C port so there’s no need of an adapter and also USB-A port for charging other devices too. It has a fast-charging feature, which will come in handy, charging up iPad’s massive battery while you’re using it.

There are thousands of other power banks in the market, but Aukey as of now, is the most affordable and preferable choice to boost up your working weapon with ease.

Buy: Aukey 10,000 mAh Battery Pack ($29.99)

3. Satechi USB-C hub

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018 6

As a professional, you need to have a device that’s multipurpose and can be easily connected to various devices at a time without many hassles. iPad Pro can also be made multipurpose with a USB-C Hub. It is a bit costly but serves your purpose a lot when you have it.

Satechi USB-C hub is one of the best choices as it is one of the few hubs specially designed for iPad Pro. Plus, it has got both C and A type of ports to connect devices. You can also connect with HDMI monitors and headphones with a 3.5 mm jack.

You can also charge your iPad Pro while other devices are connected to it or charge another device through it as well. This feature adds up to its usability and is worth the cost. A must have if you’re leaving your MacBook behind and trying to make your iPad Pro your primary productivity machine.

Buy: Satechi USB-C Hub for iPad Pro ($59.99)

4. Anker Wireless Keyboard

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018 4

Writing and replying to emails, drafts, projects etc. is the prime need in any profession and if you plan to do that with your iPad Pro, then you surely need a tick over buying a handy wireless keyboard on your shopping list.

Anker wireless keyboard is a super light-weight, sleek and affordable product, compatible with iOS devices.

It features all the function buttons you need to operate your iPad Pro and is super easy to carry around while traveling. Nothing can really compete for typing on a physical keyboard, especially touchscreen. It’s not only difficult but tedious at the same time and not at all recommended for long use.

The simple act of connecting a keyboard, any keyboard, transforms the iPad into a productivity machine. You have the full-screen real estate to work and typing on the physical keyboard is just better and faster.

Buy: Anker Wireless Keyboard ($23.99)

5. AmazonBasics Stylus

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018 2

An Apple Pencil is unbeatable, but if you’re not looking for super accurate sketching input, you might not need to spend $129 to get a good stylus.

AmazonBasics Stylus pencil is super affordable with a smart look and a good feel and works great with touchscreens.

There are various color options available as well to your benefit. This product is a sharp and precise pointing device and is a perfect deal at such a reasonable price.

Buy: AmazonBasics Stylus ($5.99)

6. ESR Yippee Magnetic Smart Case

Cheap Accessories iPad Pro 2018 1

The sleekness of the iPad Pro is a boon as well as a bane, as carrying it around can be a bit difficult and because of the new square sides, the fear of dropping it is quite high. And as we all know, fixing an iPad without Apple Care can cost a fortune.

Though Apple has its own range of smart cases, you can opt for a non-Apple product too, to free the load on your pocket a bit. Magnetic smart case is a great choice almost leveling up to Apple’s own case.

It excels at par in looks and also comes in with magnets to attach with your iPad Pro, thereby making it lighter to carry. It doesn’t interfere with the screen or your Apple Pencil and also, wakes up your iPad Pro whenever you open it.

There are many other options available for cases in the market, much cheaper and fancier, but this is one of the best products we found that can match up to the Apple’s original version, only for much cheaper.

BuyESR Yippee Magnetic Smart Case ($19.99)

Your Favorite iPad Pro Accessories?

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