Apple publishes guidelines for News app ads that will appear in content feeds

BY Killian Bell

Published 15 Mar 2016

Apple News ad guidelines

Apple has published its guidelines for News app ads that will soon start appearing in content feeds alongside articles from your favorite sources. There are six different banners advertisers can choose from plus a pre-roll video option.

Those include the standard and double banners, which are the least intrusive; the medium rectangle and large banners, which take up roughly a third of the display; and the interstitial banner, which takes up almost all of the display.

There’s also the native banner, which looks just like a news article, with a small thumbnail image, a headline, and a description — and the pre-roll video, which is basically a commercial that appears inline with articles, like those you’re used to seeing in your Facebook news feed.

“Like Web solutions provided by Google and scrolling ads seen in apps like Amazon and eBay, Apple’s native banners will be distinctly labeled as promotional content with “Sponsored by” text appearing at the bottom of each banner ad,” reports AppleInsider.

The image above shows what those ad banners look like, and just how much space they take up.

Apple’s plans for News ads were recently revealed in a new developer document titled “Ad Specifications for iAd” (PDF). The company recently confirmed plans to close its iAd operations, but it clearly won’t be giving up on ads altogether.

Apple will now provide publishers with an automated service that will let them create and manage their own ads for services like News, rather than creating them in-house. As usual, Apple will take a 30 percent cut of revenue generated from those ads.

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