Report: Apple Silicon iMac Will Feature Apple’s Biggest Display Yet

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 3 Apr 2021

apple silicon iMac

A renowned Apple leaker has reported that Apple will ship its upcoming Apple Silicon iMac with the company’s biggest display yet.

Apple currently sells its iMac in two different sizes — 21.5-inch and 27-inch. l0vetodream, a popular Apple leaker with a great track record, has now reported that the upcoming Apple Silicon iMac will feature the company’s largest display yet. The leaker took to Twitter earlier today to share the report.

It seems like Apple is going to push, or maybe go over, the display size of the upcoming iMac up to the 32-inches found on the Apple Pro Display XDR. A 32-inch Apple Silicon iMac may be the one-stop powerful desktop creators and professionals have been asking for, especially if it follows the impressive performance of the M1 MacBooks.

Don’t confuse this with the iMac Pro discontinued last month, Apple still continues to sell Intel-based iMacs. The company discontinued its Pro model iMac — the iMac Pro — last month. Amid the rumors of a refresh coming later this year, a few details of the upcoming Apple Silicon iMacs have surfaced.

2021 iMacs will feature a major redesign, making it look more like the current Pro Display XDR with slim bezels. They’ll feature the most powerful Apple Silicon chips, and might just feature the 4nm M series chip said to be going into production later this year.

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