What to Expect From Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ April 20 Event

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 14 Apr 2021

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Apple has had a pretty good start to 2021. Back in January 2021, the company announced its first-ever $100 billion quarter. Apple has not announced a new product so far in 2021, but the drought is finally coming to an end as Apple has finally announced its April 20th “Spring Loaded” event. Below are all the products Apple could announce at its April 20 ‘Spring Loaded’ event.

When is the ‘Spring Loaded’ event?

Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event will kick-off at 10:00 AM PT, next Tuesday. It will be live-streamed from Apple Park. In case you’re wondering how you can live-stream the event on your device, head over to this excellent guide where we’ve listed all the websites Apple will be live streaming the event to.

So… What Happened to the Rumored March Event?

Apple was earlier expected to reveal its new products at an event on March 23rd. However, that did not happen, with Apple tipster Jon Prosser saying that the whole March 23 event rumor was a hoax.

At that point, it seemed as if Apple had completely scrapped off the event and would announce new products via a press release. But now, the event has been confirmed, and the company has a whole list of products ready to be rolled out. These are the products and services Apple could announce at the April 20 event.

What to Expect From Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ April event

1. Mini-LED iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

Apple is expected to announce its new iPad Pro with 12.9-inch mini-LED display and 5G connectivity. The new iPad Pro is expected to come with a thicker design to make space for the mini-LED display. It is also expected to feature a redesigned camera setup, similar to iPhone 12 Pro with a LiDAR sensor. Thanks to the increased thickness, the camera module may not protrude from the device’s body this time.

The new iPad Pro is also expected to feature an improved version of the already fast A14 Bionic chip — reportedly the A14X Bionic. Interestingly, only the 12.9-inch variant is getting a display upgrade, according to the leaks, with rumors pointing that the 11-inch variant will still stick to the regular ProMotion LCD. The company is reportedly facing a shortage in supplies of the new iPad Pro, and it will be available in a limited supply after the launch.

2. AirTags


After almost two years of speculation, Apple is finally expected to introduce its long due Tile-like competitor this month. The object tracker has leaked several times in the past year, from its pairing animation to even its third-party accessories. Apple was expected to roll out the device last year but was apparently delayed due to a lack of its first-party accessories. AirTags will enable users to track objects like wallets and keys through the Find My app on iOS and macOS.

3. Apple TV

The last time Apple updated Apple TV was way back in 2017. To give a context of how long it’s been, it was the first time Apple introduced its new iPhone design with iPhone X. Apple TV is due for an update for a very long time, and an Apple TV with A12 Bionic, and even an A14X Bionic, is tipped to be in the making.

Apple TV already supports 4K HDR content, but with a new TV, Apple is supposedly increasing its focus on Apple Arcade for Apple TV, adding controller support to the device. A new Apple TV might make its way to us this month.

4. Apple Silicon iMacs

Apple discontinued its Intel iMac Pro last month. The company is known to be working on an Apple Silicon-based iMac with a refreshed design. The new iMacs are expected to have a sleeker design and iPad Pro-inspired rounded screen edges with slimmer bezels.

Many leaks claim that the new design will be similar to Apple’s Pro XDR Display and feature a flat back. Apple Silicon iMacs will be available in two versions, with one possibly having a 23-24 inch display and one having Apple’s biggest display yet, possibly extending to 32-inches. With Intel iMac Pro no longer available, Apple might announce new iMacs next week.

5. No AirPods 3

airpods 3 design leak 2

Apple was first expected to announce its new AirPods 3 at the April event. Several leaks were pointing Spring 201 release, but renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a tip last month, hinting that we won’t see AirPods 3 up until Q3 2021.

Barring the over-the-year headphones AirPods Max we got last year, Apple hasn’t really updated the AirPods since its initial release. Leaks and rumors point to a major overhaul this time, with AirPods 3 getting the AirPods Pro treatment. New AirPods are expected to feature a smaller stem, a wireless charging case similar to AirPods Pro with charging LED in the front, and might also feature silicone ear tips (though we haven’t really heard anything concrete about it yet).

6. New 10.2-inch iPad and iPad Mini?

ipad 9th generation 10.2

Apple could announce refreshed versions of the 10.2-inch iPad and iPad mini. Both of the iPads were last updated in 2019 and are due for a refresh. Even though Apple might announce a new 10.2-inch iPad and iPad mini 6 this month, they are not expected to get any radical new design or changes.

A few days ago, a leak showed off the design of the upcoming iPad mini 6. But, disappointingly, it is still expected to host a Touch ID home button with thick bezels. The 10.2-inch iPad is also not getting a major overhaul, though it is expected to get slimmer, lighter, and come with a faster A13 Bionic chipset.

7. iOS 14.5, macOS Big Sur 11.3, and watchOS 7.4 Release Date

iOS 14.5 is turning out to be a major update to the operating system since its initial release. Features like unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch, app tracking transparency, sharing lyrics from Apple Music, and changing the default music player have impressed the users. With Apple releasing eight iOS 14.5 betas, it sure seems like Apple wants to polish the software as much as possible before its release later this month.

App tracking transparency will block advertisers from tracking your app usage and stop them from displaying ads of your interest. iOS 14.5 will also enable a safer browsing experience on your iPhone by masking your IP address and introducing a server between your iPhone and the request resolver. iOS 14.5 is surely going to be a major update and is expected to be rolled out as soon as the April 20 event finishes.

What are your expectations from Apple’s April 20th event? Which product announcement are you looking for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!