Auto-tsschecker: The Easiest Method to Save .SHSH2 blobs for Prometheus to Downgrade to Unsigned iOS Firmware Version

BY Andy

Published 19 Dec 2016

Downgrade iOS Firmware

As we reported yesterday, iOS hacker tihmstar has announced that he plans to release a new tool called Prometheus, which will allow users to downgrade or upgrade to an unsigned iOS firmware version.

He had also released a new tool called tsschecker which allowed you to save .shsh2 blobs, which would be required by Prometheus to downgrade or upgrade to an unsigned iOS firmware version.

The method to save the .shsh blobs wasn’t straightforward for the not so technically inclined. Thankfully, 1Conan, a reddit user has stepped up and created an online tool called auo-tsschecker that will save you the trouble of executing the commands and instead will automatically save the .shsh2 blobs for you for the currently signed versions.

To use the online tool, you need the ECID and your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s device identifier.

How to get your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s ECID

  • Plug your iOS device to the computer.
  • Launch iTunes and click on Summary in the left-hand pane.
  • Click on the Serial number field in the Summary tab until you see the ECID.
  • Right-click on it and copy it to the clipboard.

Please note that you need a hexadecimal ECID (if the ECID has letters than it is already in hex), if you submit a decimal ECID then it will not save the correct .shsh2 blobs. You can visit this website to convert the decimal ECID to a hexadecimal value.

How to Get your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s Device Identifier

  • Just like the ECID, click on the Serial number field in the Summary tab until you see the Model Identifier.

How to Save .SHSH2 Blobs for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  • Open the following link:
  • Paste the ECID you had copied above.
  • Select your device type i.e. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Next, enter your iOS device’s identifier, eg. If your iPhone’s model identifier is iPhone9,1, then just enter 9,1 in the identifier field next to the device type.
  • Press Submit.

That’s it. It will take you to the result’s page, and give you the link to your saved .shsh2 blobs. In case you lose your link, you can get download your .shsh2 blobs again by visiting<decimal ECID here> (please convert the HEX ECID to decimal first).

Wasn’t that an easier method? The best part of the method is that it will save the .shsh2 blobs automatically for you for any new iOS version Apple may release in the future, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of saving it manually every time Apple releases an update.

It is always great to see people like 1Conan stepping up to help the jailbreak community. So kudos to him. You can visit the reddit page to find out how you can make a donation to him to help him keep the server running.

Let us know how it goes. We’ll let you know as soon as tihmstar releases the Prometheus to downgrade or upgrade to an unsigned iOS firmware version. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Fan pagefollow us on Twitteradd us to your circles on Google+subscribe to our RSS feed or our Daily Newsletter for the latest jailbreak news.