Bad News: Jailbreak App – Crackulous that Strips Copy Protection from iPhone Apps Released

BY Jason

Published 2 Feb 2009

A group of crackers had claimed to have hacked Apple's DRM on Sega's Super Money Ball for the iPhone and many more iPhone games few months back. We never saw that coming as Apple's FairPlay DRM has been used for so many years to protect content sold on iTunes stores.

At that time, we had stated that cracking iPhone apps was crossing the line as we don't condone any type of piracy. But we have some bad news for iPhone developers, cracker by the name ‘Angel’ has released a jailbreak app called Crackulous which strips the copy protection from iPhone apps and render them free for distribution.

As per TorrentFreak, Crackulous, was a project started by a coder named ‘SaladFork’ which was initially available only to few individuals. However, cracker by the name ‘Angel’ took the xCrack script developed by ‘SaladFork’ and created a GUI-based app called Crackulous which is now available on Cydia, the iPhone app that can be used to install apps on your jailbroken iPhone.

This security breach can have a major impact on iPhone developers who were hoping to make make money selling their iPhone apps via the App Store.

We don't condone any such form of piracy, jailbreaking the iPhone to install unofficial iPhone applications was okay, but cracking iPhone apps or installing cracked iPhone apps is crossing the line. If the iPhone Apps can be cracked and available for download for free then iPhone developers would not make as much money and ultimately will not be interested in developing the next killer app for the iPhone platform.

Lets hope for the sake of iPhone developers, Apple addresses this security breach as soon as possible.

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