Beeper Promises to Bring iMessage to Android and Windows, Unify 15 Chat Services

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Jan 2021


Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky has teased a new app Beeper that aims to unify and bring over 15 different messaging services under one umbrella. More importantly, perhaps, Beeper even promises to bring iMessage to Android — something that millions of Android users have wished for a long time.

Known previously as NovaChat, the app is based on the Matrix messaging protocol. Migicovsky says that iMessage works on Android, Windows, and Linux “using some trickery.” The method requires an always-online Mac to act as a bridge between the Beeper app running on the Mac itself and on phone. The other option involves Beeper sending “each user a Jailbroken iPhone with the Beeper app installed which bridges to iMessage.”

Apart from bringing iMessage to Android, Beeper will also act as a unified inbox for over 15 chat services including Signal, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, and more. It will offer a unified search experience, inbox, along with native integration for most chat services, and more.

As of now, one can apply for an early invitation to try out Beeper. Once the service launches, it will cost $10 per month with an option to self-host, and it will be available on macOS, Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS. You can request an invitation to try out Beeper over here.