The Best Apps for your new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 19 Dec 2015

Best iPhone AppsGot a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Are you expecting one for Christmas? Fire up the App Store and make some space on your device as we have compiled a list of some of our favorite iPhone apps that’ll help you make the most of your shiny new iPhone.

Best Camera app: Camera+

Camera+ is the best third-party camera app for the iPhone. It comes with an intuitive interface, photo filters, horizontal leveler and provides advanced composition controls that allow you to adjust almost everything from exposure to focus, photo filters.

Download link – $2.99


VSCO Cam for its awesome filters – Download link – Free

Best Twitter app: Tweetbot

Tweetbot is the best iOS Twitter client out there, with features like muting, timeline sync, day/night themes, multiple accounts and more. The iPhone version of the app has been updated for iOS 8, and optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Download link – $2.99

Free alternative:

Twitter’s Official app – Download link

Best Email app: Dispatch

If you’re a disciple of Merlin Mann and are constantly gunning for Inbox Zero, you’ll find Dispatch to be the perfect tool to reach that goal. Swipe left on a message to reveal actions or swipe further to archive quickly that message and be on your way towards clearing your inbox for good. When it’s time to reply to a message, Dispatch automatically fills in a salutation and hides the To/From fields, so you get right down to typing out your reply. If you want to speed things up even more, you can quickly insert searchable text snippets to finish replying in a jiffy.

For those who use multiple apps in conjunction with their email, Dispatch has a huge list of actions to triage your messages. You can hook into default iOS apps such as the calendar and reminders, add to-dos to a range of third-party apps like Clear and Things, send content to Evernote, open links in Chrome or Dolphin, save articles for later with Pocket, Instapaper and more, and even view locations with Google Maps.

Download link – $4.99

➤ The Best Email Apps for iPhone

Best Weather app: Dark Sky

The default Weather app is quite great, but if you’re in the US, then you should check out Dark Sky. Striking a great balance between information density and readability, Dark Sky puts current temperature and precipitation readouts front and center and reveals additional data when you tap or swipe. Everything from rain forecasts to humidity and wind speed to updates for the coming week is easy to digest, and never feel overwhelming thanks to clever layouts. With a focus on rain alerts, the app can also send you notifications before it starts to pour.

Dark Sky also has maps for temperature and precipitation, and weather geeks will love the detailed animated globe you can pan and zoom around, but is only available in the US, UK and Ireland for now. We like how the app is great for daily use as well as for harsh conditions when you need more info. It’s ability to predict whether it was going to rain or stop raining in an immediate location and within the next hour is quite magical.

Download link – $3.99

The best Weather apps for iPhone

Due 2

Launched in 2010, Due has been in the App Store for more than four years. During that time, the app has matured, but its core functionality as a reminders app has remained the same. This singular focus remains evident in version 2 of Due, which was launched last month. Just like the original Due, its update, Due 2, excels at two things — making it easy to set reminders and ensuring you don’t overlook them.

Download link

➤ Due 2, a reminders app that won’t let you forget a deadline

Best Browser app: iCab Mobile

Power users will feel most at home with iCab Mobile: the iOS counterpart of the famed iCab browser for Mac offers flexibility like no other. Customize your toolbar icon and menu load outs, use drawn and multi-touch gestures, choose from a wide range of browser IDs to test websites, import/export your browser settings and bookmarks via cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud, select from a range of search engines for auto-suggestions and configure how you want the browser to handle operations based on how much memory is free on your device.

iCab Mobile also includes a ton of modules to enhance your browsing experience: find all the sites that link to your active page, share to major social networks and read-later services, examine pages with Firebug Lite, save pages to PDF, query Google Cache to find older versions of a page and even auto-scroll your active page for hands-free reading.

iCab Mobile also offers fine-grained control over every aspect of how it works, including whether the address bar should clear itself when activated and how links from the same domain of an active page should open (in a new tab or the same tab). These are precisely the kind of features that fans of desktop browsers will appreciate, and iCab Mobile brings these in spades — making this browser totally worth its asking price of $2.

Download link – $1.99

The best browser for iPhone


Manage your passwords and other sensitive information like bank account info, credit card numbers etc. securely with 1Password.

Download link – In-app purchase of the Pro features for $9.99.


Clear is a simple to-do app and reminder app, which comes with an intuitive gesture based user interface, iCloud sync and is made for iPhone and iPad.

Download link – $2.99

Best Calendar app: Fantastical 2

Fantastical is an awesome alternative to the stock Calendar app for the iPhone with support for natural language text entry (“Meet Bob for dinner tomorrow at 8”), reminders, background updates and more. It also includes a gorgeous Notification Center widget for iOS 8.

Download link – $2.99

The best Calendar apps for iPhone


After being a fan of Reeder for several years, Unread is my new favorite RSS reader for the iPhone and iPad. It comes with a clean interface with support for a variety of RSS services like Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, Newsblur, and Fever. It also offers themes to make it easy and adds the ability to share or export your content to select sharing services.

➤ Download link – Free with $4.99 in-app purchase to read unlimited articles and unlock additional themes.

Best To-do List App: Todoist

Todoist is my favorite task management app. Besides the ability to create tasks, set priorities and add labels, you can also search through tasks, attach notes and files, and even receive location-based reminders so you complete to-dos when you’re in the area (perfect for picking up your dry cleaning). The app even handles basic language parsing when setting due dates (terms like ‘tomorrow’ and ‘every day’ are understood correctly).

It’s worth noting that while the app is free, many of its advanced features are only available with a Premium plan ($29/year).

Download link

➤ The Best To-Do List Apps for iPhone

Best third-party keyboard: SwiftKey

iOS 8 allows you to add your own third-party keyboard. Our favorite third-party keyboard is SwiftKey. It is easily the most powerful and versatile keyboard, and is recommended for users who want to try several new features in a single keyboard.

Download link – Free

➤ The best third-party keyboards for iPhone

Drafts 4

Drafts is an interesting take on note taking. I have started using it only recently and am loving it. It is a great way to capture a thought, idea or any note, and the iOS 8 Share Extension now makes it even more easier to capture text from the web and other apps. You can share text to any app or service, or use advanced features such as custom actions to send email, messages, create reminders & events, post to Twitter, Facebook and so much more with a single tap.

➤ Download link – $9.99


Shazam has been an all-time favorite ever since it was released in the App Store in 2008. Even though Apple has integrated the song recognition feature in iOS 8, I still think it is worth downloading the standalone app, as it gives you tons of features such as the ability to listen to the song you’ve tagged on your favorite music streaming app such as Spotify, Rdio, etc. or watch the video on YouTube.

Download link

Shazam – Free


Nuzzel is my favorite news app currently. It connects to your Twitter account and tells you which are most shared links in your timeline by the people you follow. It’s a lot easier than scrolling through your timeline, and a great way to discover new content, especially if you’re following people from different walks of life.

➤ Download link – Free


Hours is a simple and intuitive productivity app. It is meant to help you stay productive, which it does by helping you track the time it takes for a task with a single tap. You can see how you spent the time in a day with the visual timeline. The Today widget in iOS 9 makes it even easier to start/stop/switch timers with a single tap even from the lock screen.

➤ Download link – $4.99


Workflow is a clever new app that was released last month that makes it easy to automate processes. You can do things like creating a gif, making pdfs from Safari, ordering a pizza, ordering an Uber to go home, getting directions to your favorite coffee shop with a single tap using actions that are included in the app, or create your own custom action.

Download link – $2.99


Deliveries help you keep track of packages that you’ve ordered online. It supports UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link, Royal Mail and many more. It can also track orders on Apple and Amazon. With iOS 8, you can check the status of your order right in the Notification Center thanks to the Today widget.

Download link – $2.99

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro is an app that can boost your productivity on your iPhone. It makes clever use of URL schemes and x-callback-URL to create shortcuts to launch actions, not just apps. You can frequently perform on your iPhone such as calling or messaging a regular contact, jump straight to the camera in Instagram, message a gif to a friend, etc.

Download link – $0.99


Camcard is my favorite app to scan business cards, and a must-have app if you get a lot of business cards. It lets you scan and organize business cards so that you don’t need to enter the details manually. It scanning technology is also quite accurate and support 16 languages.

➤ Download link – $0.99

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro turns your iPhone into a scanner. It is my favorite app for scanning a document on the go and keeping a digital version of it. It automatically detects the edge of the paper, then rotates and straightens the image if require. You can save the scanned document as a PDF, and share it by email, take a printout, upload it to cloud storage like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc. You can also password protect the scanned document.

It also uploads the documents to iCloud, so you can access the documents from any iOS device.

➤ Download link – $0.99


It can be a nightmare if work with people in different timezones. I use Synchronize, which makes time zone conversions a non-issue. It not only tells you what time it is in different timezone, but you can also use the slider to find out what time it will be in multiple time zones, which can be useful while setting an appointment. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Download – Free

Google Authenticator

It is important to enable Google Authenticator turns your iPhone into a security token for your account with two-step verification. After you’ve verified your account, Google Authenticator generates the unique passcode for two-step verification. Unfortunately, it is not yet optimized for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Download link – Free


If you’re frequent traveler then FlightTrack is a must-have. It’s a great way to monitor your flights while on the go. It is integrated with Tripdeck, so you don’t even have to enter your flight number, just forward your itinerary confirmation emails to Tripdeck, and it will pull the necessary information to provide the flight details in the app. It also provides real-time departure and arrival information, gives notifications with flight updates, and also gives the gate number when it is available.

➤ Download link – $0.99


RedLaser is a great shopping companion app. Scan the barcode of the product you want to buy, and it automatically retrieves product information and tells you if there’s a better deal for the product online or a different store nearby. When in a store, it also gives you useful information such as the store map, deals, coupons and more.

➤ Download link – Free

Overcast 2

Overcast is my favorite podcast app. The Smart Speed feature that shortens silences is quite cool and innovative and ensures that you don’t waste time unnecessarily. The Voice Boast feature normalizes volume across all shows using a combination of dynamic compression and equalization. You can also create custom playlists, and sort them based on your priority, so you can listen to your favorite podcast first. You can also It also helps you find new podcasts, and get recommendations from people you follow. Overcast 2 includes streaming capabilities, so you can start playing an episode immediately, rather than waiting for it to download completely.

Download link – Free (If you love the app then don’t forget to pay a patronage to support future development of Overcast.)


TeeVee is a great app to keep track of your favorite TV shows, so you know when the next episode of your favorite show will air. It can remind you of the start times using push notifications, or with the Today widget.

➤ Download link – $2.99


Until iOS 8 was released, the stock Calculator app was sufficient. It did the job just fine. But if you’re someone who always needs a calculator at your fingertips, then you should get PCalc, which now comes with a great Today Widget, so you can do most of your calculations without having to open the app, and even from the Lock screen without unlocking your iPhone.

➤ Download link – $6.99


When you’re on your Mac, it’s much more convenient to see notifications on the larger screen, rather than picking up your iPhone each time you receive a new notification. Notifyr lets you forward iOS notifications to your Mac, with a companion OS X app. Notifyr forwards iOS notifications from all apps to your Mac using Bluetooth Low Energy, so you can use the app without draining your battery.

➤ Download link – $4.99

➤ Get iOS notifications on your Mac with Notifyr

TuneIn Radio

If you like listening to the radio, then you should check out TuneIn Radio. It not only lets you listen to your local radio stations, but you can listen to radio stations in other cities as well. You can stream from over 100,000 radio stations around the world.

Download link – Free (with in-all purchase)

That’s a wrap for now! While the list includes apps that were released in the past few years, some really useful and innovative iPhone apps were released in 2015. We can’t wait to see the apps that will be released in 2016, as iOS continues to evolve and the hardware improves.

Please note that some of the apps are available at a discount for Christmas, so download the apps as soon as possible. Let me know your favorite iPhone apps in the comments below. Have a great holiday season and a Happy New year!

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