Best iPhone Apps for Rio Olympics

BY Sagar Gandhi

Published 27 Jul 2016

Rio 2016

With the 2016 Rio Olympics lurking around the corner, we thought we would help you during this time by listing the best apps that you can have on your iPhone for the upcoming games. Whether you are in Rio or at home on your couch, these apps will help make the most out of the Olympics and ensure you don’t miss out on much of the action.

The Olympics

An official application from the International Olympic Committee with one objective — to give you real time information regarding the olympics and the events surrounding it. With the ability to follow games and keep track of your favourite teams, this app is a must have for any die-hard Olympic fan out there.

The Olympics

Download: The Olympics

Olympic Athletes Hub

A platform designed for the athletes to connect with other athletes so as to share in the joy that is the Olympics. It has other features that provide information that is relevant for the athletes. This includes informations such as drugs that are banned and event schedules. Built with a messaging platform that allows Olympians to network, this app is built in the spirit of the Olympics.

Download: Olympics Athletes Hub

Olympics athletes

BBC Sport

The British Broadcasting Corporation is known for having one of the best coverage for the Olympics, including many exclusive interviews with the athletes. Bringing that tradition all across the world, the BBC has launched an app that allows you to follow real time updates on the Olympics. It also includes instant replays as well as information on the previous record holders and standings for the respective events. To boot, after the Olympics, this app will allow you to follow other sports news and teams for any given sport.


Download: BBC Sports App

Toilet Finder

When nature calls in a big new city, it can be a terrifying moment especially when the locals do not understand your rush, flustered look and dance as you hop on the spot frantically asking for directions. I’ve been there and trust me when I say, it was not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately for me, the Toilet Finder app was not around back in the day. This app, does exactly what it promises to do, it helps you locate the nearest available public loo so you can relieve yourself, especially during a time like the Olympics where the queues can be long.

Toilet finder

Download: Toilet Finder


Knowing how hectic life is, there are times you might have to change all the planning and scheduling you have done during your holiday to Rio. For this, TripAdvisor comes in handy as a quick way to check out activities and gain public opinion on them as there countless reviews give you a better idea of the location. This way, you are able to re-plan or reschedule your day without breaking a sweat. If you have yet to plan activities outside the Olympics, download this app immediately and start planning your trip!

trip advisor

Download: TripAdvisor

Brazil Travel Guide

Another app that is designed around the idea of travelling and exploring Brazil. Containing some of the better kept secret spots in the country, this app is a must have for the adventurer who loves exploring and finding hidden gems in a city. The app also helps you calculate your distance from the destinations, so you can have an organised holiday and spend more time enjoying the sights and sounds instead of worrying.

Brazil Travel Guide

Download: Brazil Travel Guide

NBC Olympics Highlight

This app is for those who prefer the NBC coverage of the Olympics as opposed to the BBC. Apart from a slight bias towards Team USA, NBC does give a rather balanced view and coverage of the Olympics. For this years Rio games, the app also allows viewers to see highlights from the events in Beijing and London.


Download: NBC Olympics Highlight

These apps should help you smoothly navigate through the Olympics and the events. We hope you enjoy Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics and to all the Olympians — Citius, Altius, Fortius!