Best iPhone Apps For National Football League (NFL) Fans

BY Andy

Published 5 Feb 2010

Best NFL gaming iphone apps

The hottest season of the year for NFL fans is here with less than two days to go for Super Bowl Sunday. 

We are sure most of you will be glued to your television sets to watch your favorite team in action, but in case you can't then here is a list of cool NFL iPhone apps that are available on the App Store

Here is our pick of the top five apps which we feel is a must for every football fan.

Pro Football Live (iTunes Link)

One of the best free app any football fan should have, Pro Football Live comprehensively covers news updates, game schedules and player statistics. One of the best things about this app is its 'Smack Talk' feature that gives you a virtual stadium experience by letting you cheer or jeer the teams. 

Best NFL gaming iphone apps

SuperBowl44 (iTunes Link)

If you are a stat buff, this is THE app to go for ahead of the Colts vs. Saints game this Sunday. SuperBowl44 gives you an introduction to the teams, comprehensive statistics, records and also information on how the players play in different situations. The app comes at a price of $0.99 but should be worth a lot more to the die-hard NFL fans.

Best NFL apps

CBS Sports Pro Football (iTunes Link)

This iPhone app from CBS has a lot of nice features including live NFL scores, breaking news and videos. You can also personalize your app to receive all the scores and headlines of your favorite NFL team. 

Best NFL gaming iphone apps

Sportacular (iTunes Link)

This is yet another app that will keep you updated on the latest happenings on the field. What's best about this application is its push notification feature. You can now choose to be receive game reminders, half-time score updates, game results,etc. One of the important apps to have when you are away from your TV. Sportacular is free to download. However, there is also a PRO version of the app for $1.99 (iTunes link) if you do not want the banner ads. 

Best NFL apps

RostaMan Pro Football (iTunes Link)

This is an interesting app that will tell you if you are at or near the stadium on a game day. The app also helps you easily identify players while at a game or on TV. This apart, you can also check out the list of all NFL rosters and game schedules for the current season. A handy app for anyone following the game. 

Best NFL apps

Which of these iPhone apps is your favorite? Did your favorite NFL iPhone app make it to our list? Please let us know in the comments.