The Best iPhone Apps to Follow the U.S. Election’s Final Countdown

BY George Tinari

Published 4 Nov 2016


We have just days remaining until election season here in the United States is at long last over. Still, it seems like the controversies surrounding the Republican and Democratic candidates just won’t rest. Anything can happen in the days to come.

Whether you’re still undecided or passionately in favor of your preferred candidate, there is still time to get involved and stay in the know. Maybe we’re a little biased here at iPhoneHacks, but we think iPhone apps are a pretty good way to do that. Here are some of the best free ones in the App Store for keeping up with the election.

CNN Politics


CNN Politics has a fantastic app that combines the latest news on the election with in-depth poll averages and results from key battleground states. The design is clean and modern with tabs for insights, latest news from CNN and poll results. Plus, the CNN Poll of Polls gathers from four different national telephone polls, so it should be as unbiased as possible.

You can also sign up for notifications from CNN Politics. They’ll inform you of the latest poll results and news so you don’t have to check the app.

CNN Politics in App Store (free)

We the People


We the People lets you get more social with your candidate of choice by joining its community of voters to ask questions and share ideas. You get to choose between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Post your opinions in the discussions board or comment on others. Plus, see news from the media and Twitter and a heatmap of how users are voting.

The app design isn’t as nice as CNN Politics, but the social aspect here is interesting and informative. Being able to communicate and peacefully exchange with even people of opposing views is a valuable feature.

We the People in App Store (free)



If you haven’t registered to vote or want to check your status and eligibility, VotePlz will give you the hook-up. You can register to vote right within the app by scanning your driver’s license (or manually entering information) plus get your polling place and hours to vote on November 8 or earlier. If you can’t make it to vote, VotePlz can also get you information on how to obtain an absentee ballot to vote by mail ahead of time. Note that absentee ballots are not available without excuse in every state.

Time is ticking to register to vote though. If you’re interested in participating in the 2016 election, you should act quickly downloading the app and registering to vote. Then head to your polling place November 8 to seal the deal.

VotePlz in App Store (free)

Hillary 2016


Are you #WithHer? Well then you need to get the free Hillary 2016 app. The app grants you your very own virtual campaign headquarters. You can navigate around your office to check messages, pick up the phone to invite friends to volunteer, view campaign videos on the television and more. It becomes a bit of a game when you swipe up to see your daily stack of cards and tasks to complete whether that’s quizzes, social media challenges or small donations. The more time you spend in the app completing these tasks, the more stars you earn to upgrade your HQ or get real-life discounts.

The app reminds me a bit of Microsoft Bob where the entire interface was a cartoon. It’s probably unnecessary to have the whole virtual headquarters, but I understand the developers wanting to turn the app into a game. It’s actually overall very nicely designed and offers a lot of fun challenges and resources to Clinton supporters.

Hillary 2016 in App Store (free)

America First


If Trump is your guy, America First is the official app in support of his campaign. The app lets you take action by messaging friends, inviting them to join the app and spread the word, sign up to volunteer or donate, and watch campaign videos. America First also has a news feed with official posts and posts from other users that you can comment and like. The Info & Events tab has links to Donald Trump’s stances on a number of issues and his website. Plus the calendar of upcoming events includes rallies from both Trump and running mate Mike Pence.

Politics aside, it’s a pretty bad app though. It’s a bit laggy and the design isn’t even optimized for the larger screens of the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 or iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus and 7 Plus. Still, passionate Trump supporters should be pleased with the amount of resources available here.

America First in App Store (free)

Let us know which one is your favorite app to follow the elections.