The Best iPhone Home Screen Ideas in 2021

BY Keyede Erinfolami

Published 4 Jul 2021

iPhone home screen iOS 14

Do you consider your iPhone as a reflection of your personality? Because it is. The model you chose, the color, your wallpaper, ringtone and home screen are all evidence of the vibe you enjoy.

For those of us who like to change things around frequently, it is awesome news that you can customize your iPhone home screen and widgets to fit your style.

Don’t know how or where to start? We’ve got you. Here are ten best iPhone home screen ideas in 2021.

Customizing your app icons and widgets is not a one-click process yet. You would have to first download your preferred app icons from third-party sources. We recommend platforms like Flaticon and Icons8 because they both offer a wide range of icon styles for different aesthetics.

After downloading icons of your choice, you will have to create automated shortcuts for each app you want to customize. Check out our step-by-step guide for creating custom app icons on your iPhone.

With that done, let’s take a look at some cool home screen ideas. You can purchase these from the tagged sources, or simply use them as inspiration for creating your own unique home screen.

1. Bold Black

If you prefer a cool, dark look for your iPhone home screen, you’ll love these clean black home screen designs. From K-pop spooky to basic minimalist or clean macho, one of these should get your creative juices flowing.<a href=” ”>

2. Boujee Brown

This influencer-esque brown theme is the perfect combination of trendy and tasteful. You can go abstract, keep it basic or add figurine icons to make it more personal.

3. Summer Pastel

If you’re interested in a soft, sublime aesthetic, this pastel palette is a perfect pick. With their muted pinks, lilacs, oranges, and greens, these home screen designs will soothe sore eyes anytime.

4. Neon Vibes

Bring vibrant, flashing neon signs into your iOS 14 home screen to liven things up!

5. Grown Up Green

This dark olive green home screen aesthetic is perfect for plant lovers and nature nerds. Also perfect if you simply like green.

6. Cool Blues

Are you a fan of the sky? Customize your iPhone home screen to match your affections for things above with these cool blue themes.

7. Artsy Anime

If you are an anime fanatic, you can customize your home screen icons with images of your favorite anime characters. Mata Kondo Da! (Naruto, anyone?)

8. Retro Rampage

Some of us are old souls, and if you love the vintage aesthetic, these retro iOS 14 home screens will appeal to your nostalgic senses.

9. Super Characters

Superhero fan? Decorate and personalize your home screen with your favorite characters. These examples should spark a creative nerve and inspire you to organize your own extraordinary home screen.

10. Football Fan

Show your loyalty to your favorite football theme by customizing your iOS 14 home screen with their logo, players, and colors.

Make Your iPhone Experience More Personal

For many of us, iPhones are daily companions. With these iOS 14 home screen customization, you can improve your experience and make your iPhone more unique to you. Have fun creating!

Which iOS 14 home screen theme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!