Best iPhone X Cases

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Nov 2017

iPhone X

The iPhone X went on sale last week. Like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus before it, the iPhone X is primarily made of glass which sandwiches a stainless steel chassis. While this gives the phone a very premium look and feel, it also makes it very fragile. After all, glass is glass and will crack or shatter on impact due to a fall irrespective of Apple’s claim that it uses the most durable glass on the iPhone X.

Considering how expensive any kind of repair is for the device, the wise thing to do as an iPhone X owner would be to use a case with it. While you might not get that premium feeling, it will at least give you peace of mind and prevent another hole from being burnt in your wallet.

However, this brings up another question: which case should you buy for your iPhone X? Considering the sheer popularity of the device, you will find plenty of cases for the device. But not all of them are worth your money and are worthy of protecting your precious iPhone X. The ones listed below are though.

Spigen Air Skin

If you want the most well-built case for your iPhone X, go for any of the offerings from Spigen. The cases built by the company have a solid build quality and offer a very premium look and feel which other cases might lack.

My personal favourite case from Spigen’s iPhone X lineup is the Air Skin. This minimalistic case is made from polycarbonate plastic with a frost finish which makes it fingerprint and oil-resistant. Despite being a minimalistic case, it will offer adequate protection for your iPhone X to protect it from daily drops and falls. The case has cutouts for all the physical buttons on the iPhone X and the camera hump at the rear. Additionally, it has a small lip running a the front to protect the display in case of a face down fall.

Spigen Air Skin

Dbrand Skin

I am not particularly fond of cases as they take away the phone’s premium look and feel. However, I also realise that they are a necessity nowadays especially since most phones nowadays come with a glass design at the rear. Even if the glass panel does not shatter, it will easily pick up scratches in daily use which will ultimately spoil the overall look of the device.

In comes 3M vinyl skins from Dbrand. I have been using them on my phones since the iPhone 6 and despite being just a skin, they offer enough protection for daily use. The rear glass panel on the iPhone X is ideal to slap a Dbrand skin on. Since Dbrand skins are available in a multitude of finishes and color, you can customise the look of your iPhone X according to your liking and make it stand out from the crowd. The wood and leather finish ones, in particular, look very rich and will give your iPhone X a unique look. Plus, these skins will offer enough protection to the rear panel of your iPhone X and prevent them from cracking due to a fall. The front, however, will not have any kind of protection so you will still need to be a bit careful with your device.

Dbrand Skin

Apple’s Official Leather Case

If you are a person with a rich taste and don’t mind spending a small fortune on a case for your iPhone X, have a look at Apple’s official leather case for the device. Made from tanned and finished European leather, the case has a soft to touch feel outside while the inside has a microfibre lining to ensure the glass panel on your iPhone X is not scratched. While the case will add a bit of bulk, it will offer complete peace of mind as its protection level will ensure your iPhone X can easily emerge unscathed from those drops and dings.

Apple Leather Case

Lifeproof Frē

Want to take your iPhone X with you on an adventure? Then the Lifeproof Frē case is going to be the perfect companion for your device on such trips. Meant for adventure freaks, the case further enhances the water-resistant capabilities of your iPhone X so that you can take the phone with you on your surfing session. There is also a screen protector which ensures that the Super Retina HD display and your iPhone X is protected from all possible angles. Despite its bulky design and 360-degree precision, the case does not affect any of the functionality offered by the iPhone X including Face ID.

At $89.99 though, this case is certainly going to blow a hole in your wallet.

Lifeproof Frē

Tech21 Pure Clear

Want a case which shows off the design of the iPhone X in all its glory while still protecting it from drops and dings? The Pure Clear case from Tech21 offers just that and much more. The company says that the case offers protection for drops from up to 2M/6.6ft, and this is for repeated drops, not just one.

Unlike most other clear cases, the Pure Clear case is scratch resistant. It also has an enhanced UV shielding to prevent it from turning yellowish over an extended period of use.

Tech21 Pure Clear

Which case do you like the most from above? And which one have you purchased or plan on purchasing for your iPhone X? Drop a comment and do share your preferred iPhone X case with us!