The Best Wallpapers for Your iPhone X

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 6 Nov 2017

iPhone X Wallpapers

iPhone X has a vibrant 5.8 inch OLED display. Which makes it a great playground for dark wallpapers and colorful wallpapers (depending on your style). And because this screen is way brighter than the LCD one, your usual wallpapers might not do it justice. If you’ve got a new iPhone X and want to show off that new display, these are the best wallpapers for you.

Wallpaper From iPhone X TV Ad

iPhone X Wallpapers 4

If you’ve seen the iPhone X TV ad that emphasizes the OLED screen, you must be familiar with the blue animating wallpaper displayed in the ad. Imjur user  has created a still version of it for iPhone X.

Download: jpzamoras’ iPhone X Wallpaper from TV ad

The Verge Review Wallpaper

iPhone X Wallpapers 3

After MKBHD, The Verge probably does the most visually stunning device reviews right now. And for each review, they create a new wallpaper. For the iPhone X review, it was a mix of a black background with the verge colors in geometric shapes. This wallpaper brings out both the dark and colorful aspects of the screen.

Download: The Verge’s iPhone X Review Wallpaper

Design+Code’s Vibrant Wallpapers Pack

iPhone X Wallpapers Featured

Design+Code’s author Meng To generated some epic looking wallpapers using Cinema 4D. They use blue and orange shades that really pop on the OLED screen.

Download: Design+Code’s iPhone X Wallpapers

Minimal Scenery Wallpaper

iPhone X Wallpapers 1

Maybe you don’t want the wallpaper to be vibrant (especially on the Home screen). If that’s the case, check out this soothing minimal wallpaper designed by Dribbble user Alex Muench.

Download: Alex’s iPhone X Minimalistic Wallpaper

More Wallpapers Like Apple’s Promo Video

iPhone X Wallpapers 2

Designer Jérémy Goulet‏ created some awesome looking wallpapers that have the same feeling as iPhone X’s marketing videos you’ve seen everywhere from TV to social media. Again, they really pop on the iPhone X’s OLED screen. Download the pack of 10 wallpapers from the link below.

DownloadJérémy Goulet‏’s iPhone X Promo Wallpapers Pack

Transparent iPhone X Body

Guys over at iFixit did a teardown of the iPhone X and shot a photo of its internals. And now, it can serve as your wallpaper.

Download: iPhone X Internals Wallpaper

Download the Vellum App

iPhone X Wallpapers 5

Vellum is an amazing wallpaper app. And they already have a couple of collections for wallpapers suitable for the iPhone X dimensions.

Download: Vellum app

Dan Counsell’s Notchless Collection


There’s now an app that will black out the notch area from any wallpaper of your choice. But there are already a couple of wallpapers that do that already.

Download: Notchless Collection (Update: No longer available)

Wallpaper From the MKBHD Review

iPhone X Wallpapers 6

MKBHD had a really cool review of the iPhone X. The same goes for the wallpaper.

Download: Small Memory Wallpaper

JMD’s Black Series

iPhone X Wallpapers 7

I’ve been a fan of JMD’s series of dark wallpapers for a long time now. They’re generated using Cinema 4D and there are different versions of geometric shapes and waves. On the iPhone X, thanks to the OLED display, they just look amazing.

Download: JMD’s Black Wallpapers

Space Wallpapers Collection

iPhone X Wallpapers 2

Of course, Space wallpapers are going to look amazing on the iPhone X. Here’s a handful of them for you to try.

Download: iPhone X Space Wallpapers Collection

iOS 11.2 Wallpapers from iPhone X Commercial

iPhone X Wallpapers 4

iOS 11.2 beta brings three new wallpapers from the iPhone X commercial. If you don’t want to wait till the stable release, download them from here.

More to Come

We’re still in week one of iPhone X wallpaper phase and we’re confident we’ll keep discovering new and awesome wallpapers. As we do, we’ll keep adding them to the list.

If you’ve come across some awesome wallpapers for iPhone X? Share with us in the comments below. We’ll add it to the list and give you a shoutout!