The Best Siri Shortcuts for Mac in 2022

BY Rajesh

Published 27 Feb 2022

Best Mac Siri Shortcuts

The Apple Shortcuts app is nothing short of a blessing for the folks with a penchant for customization who refuse to go the jailbreak route. Hence, Apple’s decision to bring this app to Mac seems to be a pretty smart one. With the best Siri Shortcuts for Mac at your disposal, you can amp up your customization game and perform oft-repeated tasks faster through powerful automation routines.

What sort of Siri Shortcuts should you try on your Mac? Well, it all comes down to your specific tastes. From an excellent GIF maker to productivity booster to time tracker to a YouTube video downloader, we’ve handpicked a wide range of Siri Shortcuts for macOS Monterey or later. Irrespective of what you prefer, there is a good chance you would find a bunch of valuable hacks.

Best Siri Shortcuts for Mac

1. Split Screen Two Apps

As the name suggests, this super handy Siri Shortcut for Mac lets you invoke a split-screen with two selected apps in an instant. What’s more, it allows you to change the selected apps and also tweak the split ratio using the editor window. 

Download: Split Screen 2 Apps

Split Screen 2 Apps

2. Search List on Google

This is the sort of Siri Shortcut that most would love to have at their disposal. You can use this Siri Shortcut on Mac to input a list of search terms and open several Google tabs in Safari with different search results. Pretty neat, isn’t it? 

Download: Search List on Google

Search List on Google

3. Make New Weekly Playlist

How about having a shortcut that can let you craft a new weekly playlist instantly? Whether you are a music lover or someone who likes to create various playlists to cater to your different tastes, this Shortcut is worth checking out. Designed to work with Apple Music, it presents you with a curated playlist every Monday. However, if you prefer to remain loyal to your top picks, give a shot to the Auto Playlist or Top 25 Playlist Shortcuts from the Shortcuts Gallery. They won’t let you down!

Download: Make New Weekly Playlist

Make New weekly playlist shortcut for mac

4. Block Off an Hour 

This unique Siri Shortcut can play a vital role in boosting your productivity. You can quickly create an event with it using the Calendar app and put all distractions at bay for an hour. Save it for when you need to sort out any urgent tasks. 

Download: Block Off an Hour

5. Stop Distractions

“Stop Distraction” is for the folks who are looking for a way to enhance concentration, especially while working on Mac. Notably, it activates Focus mode easily and kills all the distracting apps except the one you are currently working on. 

Download: Stop Distraction

6. What did they say? 

Whether you have the habit of singing along to music or are often left wondering about lyrics, “What did they say” should be on your radar. This Shortcut shows a snippet of the lyrics for the song currently playing.

Download: What did they say

7. Batch Add Reminders

If you find it tedious to create multiple reminders during a long project or exhaustive shopping spree, this Siri Shortcut could come in handy. It can add multiple reminders at once. All you need to do is copy/paste or enter multiple lines of text.

Download: Batch Add Reminders

Batch Add Reminders

8. Reading Mode 

Reading Mode is designed for bibliophiles or folk looking for an intelligent tool to help them read with peace of mind. This Shortcut activates DND Dark Mode and plays your favorite playlist when enabled. Not to mention, it opens your desired reading app so that you can get on with reading right away.

Download: Reading Mode

9. Start My Next Meeting

You should pick this Shortcut to set up your virtual meeting with ease. What makes this Siri Shortcut so efficient on Mac is the ability to scan your calendar for an upcoming meeting and auto-connect the call at the right time. Better still, it also creates a short note in the Notes app with all the essential details. 

Download: Start My Next Meeting

Start My Next Weeking

10. Browse Top News 

If you like to keep track of the trending news, you will find this Shortcut worth checking out. It is designed to fetch RSS feeds from several significant sources, including BBC, CNN, The New York Times, and more. When you activate this Shortcut, it asks you to choose the news source and then shows the top 10 headlines from there. No more hopping websites to track news stories!

Download: Browse Top News

11. Sort Lines

As someone who prefers to get the oft-repeated tasks done through custom automation, I have found “Sort Lines” a worthy addition to this extensive list of the best Mac Siri Shortcuts. And I guess if you also find the task of sorting a list of names and things in the alphabetic order tedious and monotonous, you would want to have it at your beck and call as well.

Download: Sort Lines

12. Time Tracking 

The key to enhanced productivity is the ability to manage your time smartly. If you cannot stay in sync with time or often fail to complete your tasks before the deadline, get his Shortcut to keep track of things with ease. The Siri Shortcut allows you to log an activity easily to meet deadlines.

Download: Time Tracking

13. Reflect on the Day

If you journal your thoughts, this Shortcut on Mac can prove helpful. It asks you five questions related to your achievements for the day, plans, mood, and what you are going to do next. As the answers are recorded in the Notes app, you can easily access them and make changes if needed. 

Download: Reflect on the Day

14. Multiplication Skills 

Are you looking for a way to improve your multiplication skills without taking the traditional route? If yes, this Siri Shortcut will win you over. The Shortcut will award you points to keep you wanting more as you solve multiplications.

Download: Multiplication Skills

15. Search GIPHY and Share

Should you need a professional tool to let you easily track down the trending GIFs at GIPHY and share them, this Siri Shortcut for Mac can have a role to play.

Download: Search GIPHY and Share

Search Giphy and Share

16. Remind me at home 

Do you often forget to do a specific task? If so, this Siri Shortcut for Mac has got you covered. Thanks to the support for location-based reminders, it can remind you of essential tasks at predefined locations. It’s worth pointing out that the developer offers two variants of this Shortcut: “Remind me at home” and “Remind me at work.” 

Download: Remind me at home

17. Word of the Day

When it comes to boosting vocabulary, you need to take one step at a time. This is where a Siri shortcut like Word of the Day can be of great help. Each day, it presents you with a unique word from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s “Word of the day” service. With clear meaning and a brief explanation, the Shortcut makes it easy for you to understand the meaning of a word.

Download: Word of the Day

18. Dictate and Share

At times, it’s easier to dictate than type using the physical keyboard. “Dictate and Share” can prove to be handy in such times.

Download: Dictate and Share

Dictate and Share

19. Let’s Get Carryout 

Let’s Get Carryout makes it incredibly straightforward to order takeout. Just tap the Shortcut to run it, choose what sort of food you wish to eat, and you are good to go! The Shortcut is designed to automatically look for restaurants that deliver the kind of food you prefer. After you have selected the desired restaurant, it automatically places a call to that restaurant so that you can quickly order food.

Download: Lets Get Carryout

20. SafariMastr

SafariMastr can play a vital role in letting you get the most out of Safari. Using this Siri Shortcut, you can automatically scroll an article, edit text, enter Dark Mode, force desktop mode, and more. As the Shortcut offers the needed customization, you can fine-tune it to your preference.

Download: SafariMastr

21. Check Spelling 

When you are writing a long article or creating a lengthy report, having an efficient spelling checker is the need of the hour. For this purpose, you should use this Siri Shortcut.

Download: Check Spelling

22. Network Tool

Do you often deal with sluggish network speed and wish there was a tool to let you quickly check the strength of the network you are currently connected to? If that’s the case, you should try this Shortcut. Using this Shortcut, you can perform a speed test and find detailed information about your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it also shows your IP address location on a map and allows you to share your Wi-Fi via a QR code.

Download: Network Tool

23. Tweet Link and Title 

If sharing exciting stories on Twitter is something that you do frequently, get this Shortcut. As the name suggests, it allows you to format a tweet with the title and link to the article. Thus, you can share any story with utmost ease.

Download: Tweet Link and Title

24. Make GIF

Creating fun-loving GIFs with this Siri Shortcut for Mac is relatively easy. Just select your favorite photos or videos, run the Shortcut, and you are all set!

Download: Make GIF

25. Get Images From Page 

If finding eye-catching images and saving them to a personal collection is an oft-repeated task for you, take advantage of this Shortcut to easily save all the pictures on a page to your local filesystem.

Download: Get Images From Page

26. Browse Favorite Subreddits 

The Browse Favorite Subreddits shortcut is designed to work as your nifty Reddit app. With it, you can easily add your favorite subreddits and keep track of their trending posts.

Download: Browse Favorite Subreddits

27. Shazam Shortcut 

Shazam Shortcut should be your go-to tool if you often wonder what song is playing. Endowed with the top-notch music discovery skill, the Shortcut lets you figure out a song quickly.

Download: Shazam Shortcut

28. Site Search 

Site Search can be an excellent asset for webmasters and SEO professionals. Using this Siri Shortcut, you can quickly search for a site’s pages indexed on Google with the help of the popular “site” operator.

Download: Site Search

29. Tweet Selected Quote 

Read an interesting article and want to share a snippet of text on Twitter without going the traditional route? Then this is precisely what you should try to Tweet a selected string of text from any story without going back to using copy and paste commands.

Download: Tweet Selected Quote

Tweet Selected Quote Siri Shortcut for Mac

30. Auto Messages

Auto Messages allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time. If you often forget to wish or congratulate your friends or clients, make sure to install this one.

Download: Auto Messages

31. Clear Downloads Folder

It’s better to clear the Downloads folder from time to time to prevent its files from cluttering your Mac. Should you need a tool to let you keep the folder tidy, this Shortcut could be ideal.

Download: Clear Download Folder

32. My YouTube Downloader 

Downloading your favorite YouTube videos has become much easier than you think! Thanks to this Shortcut, you can download YouTube videos on your Mac without hassle. Simply find the video you wish to save on your Mac, then pick up the free API code from the link and enter it once for the download to kickstart.

Download: My YouTube Downloader

33. Change Video Speed

Did you ever feel the need to fine-tune the video speed across any web page in Safari on your Mac a bit more conveniently? Try out this Shortcut to adjust the speed of any video in Safari with the needed convenience.

Download: Change Video Speed

34. Read Later 

The Read Later Siri Shortcut makes it dead simple to save preferred web pages that you would like to catch up with later. Notably, the Shortcut offers you the flexibility to save your web pages in Safari’s Reading List, Pinboard, Instapaper, Pocket, and more.

Download: Read Later

35. Better Mail Merge 

Regardless of whether you are a marketeer or a professional who often has to send emails to several people, Better Mail Merge could be a noteworthy addition to your arsenal. With this helpful Shortcut, you can merge your mail across different email addresses and dispatch it to them together.

Download: Better Mail Merge

Better Mail Merge 

36. Currency Converter++

For converting currencies fast and accurately, you can bank this Shortcut (no pun intended) to get the job done for you. The Shortcut relies on the popular online foreign exchange tools and services company XE Currency to provide the correct exchange rates.

Download: Currency Converter++

There you go! So, these are by far the best Siri Shortcuts for macOS. But before you shift your attention to our other stories, make sure to share your thoughts about trying out Siri Shortcuts on Mac. If you find any hacks missing from this roundup, don’t forget to tip us about them as well.