Best Travel Apps for iPhone to Download Before Travelling Abroad

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 23 Dec 2018

The Best Travel Apps to Download Before Traveling Abroad

On your travels, your iPhone can be your friend, philosopher, and guide. All you need is a couple of apps to plan your travel and to help you out when you’re abroad. Using awesome iPhone apps you’ll be able to get cheap flight tickets, book cheap accommodation, keep track of your itinerary and luggage, translate any language on the fly and track your travel budget across multiple currencies. These are the best travel apps for your iPhone.

Best Travel Apps For iPhone

1. Google Translate

Google Translate

Now language will no longer stand as a barrier in your travel suit. Google translate has the apt features to help you out with 103 different types of languages wherever you go. The app is handy and easy to use with great features. It lets you copy any sentence from any app and translates it. It offers 59 languages to translate offline.

One of the best features is that it has is the Camera Mode which helps to translate the text captured in the picture. It also allows you to doodle the characters instead of typing the text on your keyboard. You can also star and bookmark translations to refer to in future.

Download: Google Translate

2. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps has undoubtedly proven its mettle in the world of real-time navigation over maps. If you are traveling to a new place, this one app will prove to be of utmost usage. Search for the city you’re going to and download the map for offline use.

Google Maps has some really amazing features like info on traffic, ETAs, local outlets, landmarks, nearby events and much more. It can automatically re-route to save your time in traffic and blockages. It inhabits thousands of varied features, for which you need to explore the app yourself and find its worth.

Download: Google Maps

3. CityMapper


A paradigm shift in the world of digital mapping. City mapper has been awarded for its intricate features helpful to travel around in a big city. If you’re going to be in a metro city where you have to depend on public transport, CityMapper is a must have. It gives detail timings of buses and trains across the city. Plus it also has Siri Shortcuts integration to make your travel even more efficient.

It also includes status for the trains running and which train is best and available for your destination next along with full info of the upcoming stations.

Download: CityMapper

4. SkyScanner

Skyscanner iPhone

If you want an all-rounder app to search for best flight deals, hotels, and car rentals, SkyScanner fits the bill.

This award-winning app has everything from list of flights that will suit your preferences, to look for the best deals in hotels and much more. This app is completely transparent with no added fees or hidden charges backside.

A one-stop search for planning your trips tailored out of the best deals available, hence not getting heavy on your pockets.

Download: SkyScanner

5. Kayak


This travel app has great ratings for its availability of exploring different sites that provide great deals to book your flights and hotels. It spares you from choosing the fixed mobile-only rates and private deals.

It lets you explore through a plethora of sites so that you can satisfy yourself with the best deals. It gives you all the info of your booked flight, airport terminal, delays, gate changes, and baggage claims.

You can use it offline to view your itinerary and maps. You can sync the app with your Apple Watch as well to get updates about trips on your wrist. It is a secure and effortless platform to make your trip easier and more fun.

Download: Kayak

6. Hopper


Got a limited budget to spare for your trip? You can now easily cut down on the prices of your flights and hotels with Hopper. This app uses an advanced insight on the flight and hotel rates and notifies you about the prices when they are at the lowest.

You can benefit by saving as much as $50 using the bunny’s suggestion. You can book your flights in less than 60 seconds with some taps and swipes. Great deals fall on your feet with this app and get you the best and cheapest travel experience with many more features on this app.

Download: Hopper

7. Airbnb


Airbnb has quite literally changed the traveling experience with its distinctive options for vacation rentals and tourism plans. You can now search for a beautiful tourist destination and places and book a vacation home to beautify your trips.

This app contains a list of over 4 million vacation home rentals over more than 190 countries. That’s a big list to choose from as you get multiple options to fit your budget and luxury criteria. Your extended family can now enjoy the trip under one roof of a vacation home. You can add your experiences and events on the itinerary list as well and ask your guide from the app for any help.

Download: Airbnb

8. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

If you are the spontaneous kind of a traveler and booking a place to stay comes in the way of your spontaneity, then Hotel Tonight it the best place for you.

This app has a special feature to give you a discounted rate on the choice of your hotel room even in the last minute. It has a tie-up with the best hotels in all categories of prices across the world.

You can book your favorite hotel for a night, a week or a month before and still get a discount! This app also benefits you for its usage. The more you book, the better deal it provides.

Download: Hotel Tonight

9. Uber


Traveling with the Uber app installed saves you from getting taken on for a ride with an impish cab driver.

Uber provides with a quick availability for comfortable cabs with skilled drivers. It is extremely safe as every ride is guided by Google Maps and you are charged as accurately as per the distance covered on the GPS.

It has categories by which you can even choose the car in which you want ride ranging from normal hatchback to a luxurious SUV. You can also carpool in order to save on some bucks. A great and perfectly accurate, easy and safe app to use especially if you are in another country.

Download: Uber

10. PackPoint


If you are in a habit to prepare a checklist for your travel packing, PackPoint makes your work super easy.

It enlists everything you need depending on the destination, the weather and other activities you might indulge in during your trip. A very efficient app which won’t let you forget anything essential needed for your journey.

Download: PackPoint

11. TravelSpend


Need to meek out the budget for your trip? TravelSpend is a great budgeting app which helps you to keep track of all your expenses from book flights, hotel cost, food, activities etc and stick to your budget.

It lets you keep track of the costs in any currency. It has a clean and easy interface which is great to use especially when you are on a long trip with less time. It can also be used offline.

Download: TravelSpend

12. Flyright


A great travel platform where you can find everything you need when traveling internationally.

This app supports passports of over 194 countries. Search for over 2400 airports, health recommendations from CBC, Visa information, metro and subway stations maps, currency conversions, and everything you require in one neat place. Very useful app for the ones who frequently travel internationally.

Download: Flyright

13. Rome2rio


Rome2rio is a marvelous app which helps you navigate to and from your destination, anywhere and anytime.

It will enlist all forms of transportation you can opt for in the best deals with the estimated duration it’ll take to or from your destination. It is one of the best online travel apps used worldwide due to its enormous list of travel companies providing transportation at your preferred cost.

Download: Rome2rio

14. Google Trips

Google Trips

Traveling alone and don’t know where to go or what to do?

Google Trips is here to accompany you and make your trip easier by finding all the places nearby worth visiting, as well as organizing your trip as per planned and also helps you book flights, cabs, trains all in one place.

It saves not only your time in finding stuff but also your money by offering the best and cheapest modes to travel around.

Download: Google Trips

15. XE Currency

Xe currency

Get all the information about the world’s currencies at your fingertips. This is one of the best apps for currency exchange with its reliable info about exchange rates and charts.

It helps you to overlook everything that happens in the currency exchange market and also helps you monitor it through notifications and daily market analysis of the currency rates. This app is trusted by millions due to its reliability and efficiency inhabited with varied features to make your travel easier.

Download: XE Currency

Your Favorite Travel Apps for iPhone

These are our top travel apps for the iPhone. What are some of your favorite travel apps to load up before heading out to the great unknown? Share with us in the comments below.

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