The Best iPhone Apps to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 30 Dec 2018

The Best Apps to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level Featured

When it comes to attention in social media, all the eyeballs are at Instagram Stories. If you’re a brand who wants to increase their following or engagement, or if you’re trying to build your personal brand, you have to level up your Instagram Stories game.

Millions of users are using this new medium of short, disappearing posts to create branded, beautiful and engaging posts. Because of its limited nature. Instagram Stories is kickstarting a new revolution in creativity. This is where you have to stand out. Thankfully, you don’t need a graphic design degree to create awesome Instagram Stories posts. There’s no need to use Photoshop or Illustrator. You’ll find thousands of awesome templates right on your iPhone that you can pick up, edit and remix to make something that’s truly unique but still adheres to your brand.

Here are some of the best apps to take your Instagram Stories to a whole new level.

1. Unfold

Instagram Stories Best Apps 1

Instagram stories can be beautified with chic and elegant templates with Unfold app. This app features a wide variety of templates and fonts along with the photo and video support so that you never compromise on how your post looks. It allows you to share your video in high resolution to other platforms seamlessly.

The best part of the app is that it never prompts you for an account. You can just download it and start modifying your Instagram Stories. Unfold is an all-rounder app which provides you with all the features from designing, editing, creating collages, adding custom font, borders, and texts to sharing it with your friends via other apps.

This app is best for creating unified and organized stories that suits to promote your brand across your followers on Instagram.

Download: Unfold

2. Canva

Instagram Stories Best Apps 2

Canva is a user-friendly and a very fun app to design your Instagram Stories and give it a classy and attractive look.

You can create stunning graphic designs without the need to learn graphic design skills. It is available on Android device as well as on the web so you can design, edit and share on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Media graphics can be used to amplify your posts on any social media handle other than Instagram.

It features over 60000 templates for you to choose from. With a variety of designs, fonts, photo editing features and over 1 million stock photos to choose from the library.

If you have got Canva, you practically don’t need any other app as it provides all the features required for you to make your work easier as well as make your stories look magnificent.

Download: Canva

3. InShot

Instagram Stories Best Apps 3

Now make Video editing easier and hassle-free with InShot. Setting up a video according to the Instagram aspect ratios can be a real task. InShot allows you to set up a perfectly non-cropped video setting your own aspect ratios.

You can trim or cut videos in the length you need. You can also merge multiple videos into one, and edit and trim it without compromising on the video quality. You can add background, text, stickers, and music to your video and add special effects to make your video look amazing. It beholds many other features which you can explore by installing it.

Download: InShot

4. A Design Kit

This app is specially designed for iPhone users. This app allows you to make and create amazing videos for your Instagram Stories. It is a super simple app which is easy to use.

It contains over 30+ modern font designs and realistic brushes that can draw in textures and colors. 120+ designs to choose from and a number of background effects. A great app to add more color and life to your amazing stories and attract traffic to your brand page on Instagram.

Download: A Design Kit

5. Adobe Spark Post

Instagram Stories Best Apps 4

Adobe Spark Post is now at your rescue to overcome all the difficulties you face to design your Instagram Story content. This app which is renowned for its professional editing software is now fun and easy to use on your iPhone.

Spark Post can instantly spark up your story with its numerous features inhabiting various designs, fonts, backgrounds, editing tools, magic layouts, cutouts, filters and whatever you name it and Spark Post has it!

It has also made sharing easier via various apps. It has got many new and refined features in its new version. Get this app instantly to make your posts super magnificent and increase your fan followers.

Download: Adobe Spark Post

6. Storeo

Instagram Stories Best Apps 5

Storeo is a great and trending iOS app. This app is very very useful for the ones who want to upload a longer video in one shot without stopping.

This app slices the video into 15 seconds slots for uploading and viewers can view it as one video without breaks. It has proven to be very convenient as it allows you to upload videos of longer time duration seamlessly without any interruption or cut-outs. It allows you to share the video on Facebook as well.

You can totally avoid the hassles of trimming and editing videos now with Storeo.

Download: Storeo

7. CutStory

Instagram Stories Best Apps 6

CutStory makes uploading lengthy videos easy. You can select any old video from your gallery and also add multiple clips filmed over the last 24 hours and CutStory will help you upload it instantly on your Instagram Story.

It posts all the videos in chronological order so there’s no mess at the time of uploading. It also has features of adding music, background, stickers, and texts on your video to make it beautiful and a joy to watch.

It supports all video formats and videos are exported without compression so you can be relieved about the video quality being jeopardized. Get this app to make life simpler and your stories better.

Download: CutStory

8. Hyper Type

Instagram Stories Best Apps 7

Thinking about making your Instagram Stories more eye-catching? Here is HyperType to the rescue. You can make your videos look more attractive now with fancy scripts and fonts.

Hypertype provides a variety of special effects and typographic enhancers which are very easy to apply and makes your videos look funkier. It has got numerous animated fonts and texts and also editing tools to make your videos look better with filters and also you can add music and adjust the timing of your video all in just one app.

It surely adds on an oomph-factor to the overall look of your videos, hence raising your engagement.

Download: Hyper Type

9. 8mm

Instagram Stories Best Apps 10

8mm is one of the upcoming and popular apps used for creating Instagram Stories. This app is popular for giving the videos an antiquated and vintage look. The feel of the retro movies comes to life with its distinct and variety of vintage filters and effects.

This app allows you to record a video by choosing any of the given vintage filters directly and uploading it instantly on Instagram. The different effects of a retro feel, the dust and scratches, and flickering, light leaks and frame turbulence and the mellow light effects are a treat to someone who loves the 90s retro feels.

Download: 8mm

10. Magisto

Instagram Stories Best Apps 8

To yield better videos and increase the brand value of your page, Magisto can prove to be an apt application. If you don’t have much time to waste on editing stories over 2 or 3 different apps, then Magisto is the best possession for you as it contains all the features that are required for making your video better as well as it is super easy to use.

It can cut-short editing time because of its simple interface and numerous features. It can also slideshow or make a video collage if you just have photos. It has been proven to be the best for professional uses over 90 million users. You can instantly share your videos over other social media handles as well with great video quality.

Download: Magisto

11. Over

Instagram Stories Best Apps 9

Looking out for the perfect brand-building Instagram tool? Over is one of the best apps for the job.

It has a professional touch to it as well as the comfort of using it without much conjecture. It features millions of templates and overlay texts and fonts to emphasize the look and effects of your video. It is the best app for campaign posters and advertisements of a brand product.

There is a hub of customizable templates to offer to you with great editing tools and effects and graphics for your video or photos collage. It surely has made video making and editing fun and also raises the elegance quotient of your Instagram page.

After all, Instagram has made marketing on social media wonderful and easy as you can reach out to millions at a time, and so marking your way up is equally important through your Instagram stories and videos and over fulfills all of it.

Download: Over

Your Favorite Instagram Apps?

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