The Best Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

BY Rajesh

Published 8 Jan 2022

20 Best Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

If TikTok still claims to be the most popular short video-sharing platform, Instagram Reels is a close second. Thanks to the seamless integration with Instagram and Facebook, Reels has inherited a pretty solid base. With the addition of a ton of notable features, the Meta-owned short video-sharing platform has managed to capture the imagination of both the end-users and creators.

Whether you are a creator who wishes to unlock the best Instagram Reels tips and tricks for enhanced fame or a typical Joe who wants to get the most out of the app, you’ve arrived at the right spot. So, without any more ado, let’s jump right in to explore the handy tips that can amp your Reels time! 

1. Perfectly Align Your Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels feature a pretty nifty video alignment tool. So, once you have created a reel, make sure to take advantage of this tool to align your clip perfectly. To get it done, all you need to do is tap the video alignment tool located at the bottom of the sidebar. Yeah, it’s that instantaneous. 

Perfectly align Instagram Reels

2. Adjust Your Instagram Reels Speed 

Another amazing video editing tool that comes with Instagram Reels is adjusting the playback speed. Save this tool for going a bit funky or adding some surprising elements to the clip. 

After you have recorded the video, tap the playback speed button “1x” in the sidebar and then choose from the available options: 

  • 1x: (Default speed)
  • .3x
  • .5x
  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 5x

Adjust Instagram Reels playback speed

3. Get the Most Out of the Built-In Timer 

When you get just a few seconds to arrest a viewer’s attention, timing matters the most. Turns out, you don’t need to look anywhere else to get your timing right.

So, the next time you are ready to shoot a reel, tap the tiny clock icon in the sidebar. After that, adjust the timer and then tap on Set Timer

Set Timer for Instagram Reels

4. Explore a Massive Library of Music 

To stay in the trend, never fail to experiment with a variety of music. Boasting a massive library of soundtracks, Instagram Reels ensures you always have a wide range of tracks to choose from. To explore the music library, tap the music icon in the sidebar and then use the search tool to find a specific song. Now, select your preferred track, and you are all set. 

Explore Instagram Reels soundtracks

5. Save Your Favorite Instagram Reels Effect 

Whenever I find a cool effect, I make sure to save it to find it later with ease. Besides, it also helps me create a personal collection of effects. If you are like me, chances are you may also prefer to save effects. 

To get started, tap the effects icon in the sidebar. Now, select your desired effect and tap on it. After that, tap Save Effect in the popup menu to confirm. 

Save Instagram Reels effect

6. View Effect Page 

Before trying to use any effect, make sure to check out the effect page to figure out how other creators are using it. It will help you understand the theme better and enable you to use it in the best possible way. Once you have selected an effect, tap it and choose View Effect Page in the menu. Now, you should see all the videos that have been created using this effect. 

7. Share an Instagram Reel Effect 

Have you ever stumbled upon a stunning Instagram Reels effect and wished to share it with your friend only to find that the video-sharing platform doesn’t allow it? If yes, let me tell you that there is a hidden way to share an effect. 

Simply tap on an effect and select View Effect Page in the popup menu. After that, tap the tiny three-dot icon and choose Share Effect Link in the popup menu.

8. Use Voice-Over 

If you want to be more creative or make the video stand out, do not forget to use a voice-over for your Instagram Reel. Thanks to the ability to add a different dimension to the video, it’s been in the trend on the short video-sharing platform.

After recording the video, tap the tiny music icon at the top. Next, select the Voiceover tab at the bottom. After that, tap the record button to record the audio.

Use voiceover for Instagram Reels

9. Adjust the Camera Audio 

Did you know that Instagram Reels also let you tweak the camera audio to ensure the unwanted noise doesn’t destroy the quality of your clip? So, before sharing your clip, never forget to fine-tune the camera audio so that it sounds better. 

Once you have recorded an Instagram Reel, tap the music icon at the top of the screen. After that, use the slider to adjust the camera audio. 

10. Make the Most of Audio Effects 

Aside from boasting a massive library of songs, Instagram Reels also come with some cool audio effects. So, if you wish to add some fun elements to the audio to make it sound cryptic or different, make sure to apply effects to the camera audio or voice-over. 

On the preview screen, tap the music icon at the top and tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the Camera Audio slider. After that, select the desired effects like Helium, Giant, Vocalist, Robot, and more. 

Use Audio effects for Instagram Reels

11. Create a Remix

Remix has become a rage on Instagram Reels. And rightly so as it makes a reel more fun-loving. So, if you come across a trendy video on Reels and want to replicate it, make sure to take full advantage of Remix. 

Simply tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the Reel you wish to remix and select Remix This Reel in the menu. After that, record your Reel and share it as usual. 

Note that the original Reel will show up on the left while you record. And your Reel will show your Instagram username and Remix with the “username of the original creator” mentioned at the bottom. Anyone can tap the Remix with “username of the original creator” option to not only watch the original Reel but also create their own remix. 

It’s also worth pointing out that you can remix your own Reel. However, you cannot remix a Reel that’s already a Remix. 

Remix Instagram Reels

12. Prevent Others from Remixing Your Instagram Reels

If you are someone who doesn’t want anyone to remix your Instagram Reels, you would be glad to know that the social media platform provides a way to restrict Reels and prevent anyone from remixing them. 

To take control of your reels, open Instagram on your iPhone, select the Menu button at the top right and choose Settings. After that, tap Privacy and choose Reels and Remix. Finally, turn off the switch next to Allow for Reels

13. Metrics 

As a creator, you should keep track of the performance of your Instagram Reels. With the in-depth insight, it will become more convenient for you to figure out what sort of videos attract your audience the most. Besides, it will also help you find out the shortcomings holding you back.

Instagram comes with a smart analytics tool to let you keep a tab on the performance of your Reels. Navigate to Instagram, tap on the profile tab, and select Insights. Now, you would be presented with an insights overview showing total accounts reached, accounts engaged, and total followers.

14. Keep your Caption Short and Sweet 

Believe me, the best Instagram Reels captions are the ones that say a lot in merely a few words. Therefore, while adding captions to your Reels, make sure your phrases are catchy and precise. Avoid articles, prepositions, and complex words to keep the captions simple. 

15. Add Original Audio

Another way you can give your video an edge over others is by using original audio. Interestingly, adding original audio to Instagram Reels is a bit different.

Instead of uploading a track from the music library, you need to record the original audio directly in a Reels video. Whatever sounds your video is able to record will be considered an original audio track. So, whether it’s a simple conversation or a live commentary in the background, Instagram will put it in the original audio bracket.

While sharing the video, you will get an option to rename your original audio. Tap Rename Audio and then give it a proper name.

Add original audio to Instagram Reels

16. Get Featured on Instagram Reels

Getting featured on Instagram Reels is something that many creators dream of. I’m sure you wished to get noticed by the platform as well. For those unfamiliar, Instagram Reels automatically picks certain videos that it finds to be of high quality, engaging, and creative. The selected videos are labeled as Featured. You can find this label above a creator’s username.

Now, if you are wondering how to get your Reels featured, let me tell you that it all boils down to the quality of the content. So long as your videos are of high quality and adhere to the community guidelines, they will have a higher chance of getting the Featured labels on Instagram Reels.

17. Video Editors for Reels

When you talk about attractive and high-quality videos, you can’t overlook the precision behind editing. If you are seriously into Instagram Reels, you should craft your clips using pro-grade video editors. They will not only let you edit your clips with the desired efficiency but also allow you to export them in the preferred quality.

To edit Instagram Reels with enhanced control, I recommend you check out iMovie (iDevice only), VSCO, and FilmoraGo. These video editors are easy to use and offer a ton of handy tools to let you craft your clips.

18. Royalty-Free Soundtracks 

While Instagram does come with a gigantic collection of soundtracks, you should never heavily rely on them, especially if you want your reels to be different from the rest. There are quite a few websites such as Ben Sound PremiumBeatthat offer a ton of royalty-free soundtracks which you can use for your reels.

19. Best Lights for Instagram Reels 

Oh, how long can you keep the eye-catching lights away from the action? Most popular creators prefer to use a variety of lights to enhance the quality of their videos. So, why would you miss out on this trend?

Pimbtpe Rhythm ($37) and Cozylady ($30) are the two fully-equipped LED strip lights that deserve a close. They are pretty easy to set up and offer plenty of customization through the official apps.

Instagram Reels Lights

20. Grab Reels Summer Bonus 

Instagram has announced Reels Summer Bonus (to be launched in the US) which will pay creators for creating top-notch Reels content. Once the feature goes official, Instagram will add a Bonuses section in the app. As a creator, you will be able to earn based on how your Reels perform. 

21. Download Instagram Reels 

Though Instagram doesn’t offer a way to download Reels, you are not out of luck. Thanks to a reliable third-party website called Instadp, you can easily download any Instagram Reel.

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the Reel that you want to download. After that, tap the three-dot icon and copy the link.
  • Next up, head over to and tap Instagram Reels Downloader located under Downloader Tools for Instagram.
  • Then, paste the Reel link and hit the Search button. Finally, tap the Download button, and you are done!

Download Instagram Reels

There you have it! So, that concludes our extensive roundup of the best tips and tricks for Instagram Reels. Whether you are someone who loves to scroll through vertical videos or an emerging creator willing to master the tricks to rule the video-sharing platform, these handy tips can stand you in good stead.

Many folks often wonder how to get their Reels featured or become a paid creator with a solid earning. Well, the road to stardom on a massive platform like Reels is only through amazing clips that compel viewers to watch them again and again. So long as your videos are outstanding and engaging, nothing can stop you from gleaning the Reels Summer Bonus.