How to Make Money on Your iPhone

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 29 May 2019

How to Make Money on Your iPhone

Are you curious about how to make a living online? But you can’t spend the time to become a YouTuber or to start your own online business? There are many other ways to generate passive income online. Right from your iPhone. If you spend an hour or two on social media each day, divert that time to doing something more productive on your iPhone. You’ll end up making a few bucks every day. Here’s how to make money right from your iPhone.

How to Make Money (Passive Income) On iPhone

There are a couple of ways you can go ahead with this. We’ve in fact written an entire ebook about the subject. Surveys and data information apps have the best hourly rate. But you can also make money by selling your iPhone photos or go on gigs and even survey offline locations to make money.

Here are five easy ways to make money on your iPhone.

1. SB Answer

SB Answer

SB Answer is the specialized app for surveys and polls from the app makers of the popular Swagbucks app. Answering surveys, daily polls and giving feedback of your local shopping experiences earns you points called ‘SB’ in this app. SB, short for ‘Swag Bucks’, are redeemable for $3-$25 gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks in Rewards Store.

Surveys are the best part of the SB Answer app and they are one of the highest paying in the industry. Each survey takes about 10-20 minutes to complete, and it pays around 75 SB. You can also share personal details and participate in daily polls to make more SB points.

The value of SB in terms of the currency depends on what Gift Card you are choosing. Considering Steam Gift Card, for instance, 500 SB = US$5. Surveys can pay anywhere from $0.75 to $25.

Download: SB Answer

2. Foap


If you love using your iPhone to take photos, you should download Foap. Foap helps you sell photos to businesses and websites who are always on the lookout for new and interesting stock photos. They need stock photos that look authentic and not staged. That’s where you come in.

Just use your iPhone to take high-quality photos of subjects or things and upload them to Foap after a bit of editing in Snapseed.

In order to reach the marketplace, the images will need to be rated by other users so as to ensure that it is worthy of it. Each image sold is sold on the marketplace for $10, and Foap takes an equal cut out of it (so you end up with $5 for each sell). But the upside is that your photos can sell for an unlimited number of times and there’s no cap for how many photos you can upload either. Earnings are transferable via PayPal.

If you get a highly rated photo on Foap, you can end up making a couple of hundred dollars easily.

Download: Foap

3. Field Agent

Field Agent

As the name suggests, the app puts you out in the world to do fieldwork. As a field agent, your job is to go around town completing tasks like clicking photos of retail locations or certain products. You’ll also be asked to rate the quality of certain establishments around town.

Once you accept the job, you only have 2 hours to complete the job. So don’t accept jobs that are too far from you. You can make anywhere between $3 to $8 for a gig. Which is pretty good if you’re already out and about in the town.

Once you’ve got $20 in the kitty, you can request a payout. They’ll pay instantly to your PayPal account. Field Agent app is live in the US, UK, and Australia.

Download: Field Agent

4. Shopkick


Shopkick is the epitome of passive income. You don’t have to do anything other than a shop as you normally do. You spend hundreds of dollars every month ordering groceries and products online. Or you go out to have food.

When you’re out for shopping at popular stores (like Walmart, Target or Best Buy) you earn points called ‘kicks’ when you walk into stores, scan barcodes of select products, purchase with the linked card or purchase and submit a receipt. Kicks are given for each of these tasks individually, and so, you need not perform each and every one of them.

The kicks earned on the app varies by store visit, and there is a little restriction on how many Kicks you can accumulate. Just entering a store can earn you 30-100 kicks. Linking your payment card gets you 200 kicks. Kicks can be earned by shopping at Shopkick’s selected online partners, including major ones like Amazon and Walmart. For example, shopping at Best Buy could earn you a kick for every $1 spent.

Download: Shopkick

5. Mobee


Mobee adds a bit of fun to your shopping experience. On opening the app, you’re shown available missions around your location, and this place could be a retail outlet or even a restaurant.

Choose your preferred mission on the map (the place you wish to shop or eat) and start the mission. Right before selecting the mission, you’re shown how many ‘Honey Points’ will it fetch you on completion. What you get paid for, is a short survey of 5-10 questions about your experience at the place. Once you’ve completed your mission at the Mobee store, Mobee’s team manually checks your work within 24 hours and credits you the promised points.

You can earn $1.5 and above for every mission.

Download: Mobee

20 More Ways to Make Money on iPhone

Are you intrigued by the possibility of passive income from your iPhone? There are actually many more apps that let you make money directly from your iPhone. You can use an app to create merchandise from your photos or artwork, you can complete missions around town for money as well. You can even earn cryptocurrency simply by walking 10,000 steps every day.

How? By buying our in-depth ebook on the subject. We’ve spent a lot of time researching the best (and not-so-good) passive income iPhone apps and we’ve outlined the best apps in our ebook. We talk in-depth about how to make money using the app and what the total earning potential is.

So if you’re curious, use this link to buy our ebook: How to Make Money on Your iPhone for just $2.99 – ebook link. We also have an Android version. It would be a great way to support iPhoneHacks.

How do you use your iPhone to generate passive or active income? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.