Planning to Buy iPhone 12? Here Are The Best Places to Sell Your Old iPhone

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Oct 2020

Sell Old iPhone

With the iPhone 12 launch due later this month, now is the perfect time for you to trade-in your existing iPhone or Android device to get the most value from it. This will help you in getting the most value from your existing iPhone and ensure that you don’t end up burning a big hole in your pocket while upgrading to iPhone 12.

Once the iPhone 12 is announced, expect prices for existing iPhones to crash by a fair bit. So the smart thing to do is that you sell or trade-in your iPhone before the event itself. However, this will only work if you have access to a spare phone. If not, your only option is to wait until the iPhone 12 is out so that you can then trade-in your existing iPhone against it.

How to Prepare Your iPhone for Trade-In

1. Prepare for handover

Before trading-in your iPhones you need to follow a few steps and ensure that all personal data is transferred. It is worth noting that customers prefer unlocked iPhones, so it might be wise to unlock your phone so that it is not locked to a single carrier. Most of the carriers will unlock your iPhone for free, however, some might charge a nominal fee, either ways its worth it. Before unlocking please make sure that the contract with your telecom carrier is over.

You can find a list of the carriers that allow iPhone unlocking here.

2. Backup and Erase All Your Data

Before you sell or trade-in your iPhone, you should back up all your data and then erase it. The backup will let you restore the entire phone along with settings on the new iPhone. In other words, you will be able to access data, contacts, photos, and other data on your new iPhone. If you have a paid iCloud account then it is advisable to backup your iPhone on iCloud. However, you can also use iTunes offline method and back up your iPhone data.

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3. Unpair Apple Watch

If you have paired an Apple Watch with your iPhone, make sure to unpair it first.

4. Deactivate Find My iPhone and Factory Reset Your iPhone

It is important to deactivate Find my iPhone so that the next buyer will be able to use your iPhone without any hassles. Stores that offer trade-in often mandate deactivating your iPhone and check for the same, however, if you are selling it to a private buyer then the chances are you might forget to do so.

ReadHow to Turn Off Find My iPhone

After deactivating Find my iPhone you need to erase the device. This is one of the most important steps especially since your iPhone has years of private and personal data stored. We have already detailed How to erase your iPhone’s Data before selling it.

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Switching to an Android Device?

Are you considering switching from Apple to Android devices? If this is the case then make sure you turn off iMessage. The messaging platform is unique to Apple devices and cannot be used on Android. Here is how you can Deregister Your Number from iMessage even after selling.

Best Places to Sell or Trade-in Your Old iPhone

If you want the best value for your iPhone, your best option is to sell it to a friend, family, or use one of the classifieds websites. However, this is a time-consuming process and there is also a certain degree of risk involved here as classifieds sites are filled with scamsters. Cellphone resellers and stores are also an option, though again, they will not give you the best deal. Depending on your preference then, you can go with one of the many options listed below to trade-in your old iPhone.

1. Trade-In Websites

Trade-in websites are a good alternative to direct selling. You may not get the highest price for your old iPhone compared to classified sites like Craiglist, but you don’t need to worry about searching for the buyer, dealing with them, and ensuring that they don’t scam you. They save you time and hassle.

SellCell is one of the best places to sell or trade-in your old iPhone to get the best price as it compares the trade-in price across 30+ of the biggest buyback companies in the US including Gazelle, Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, BuyBackWorld & more. Take a look at the image below which shows just how much you can get from SellCell for trading in your existing iPhone. For iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can get as much as $821 which means you will only have to spend around $300-$400 to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro.

SellCell iPhone Trade-in Value

2. Carrier Stores

Take your used iPhone to the Carrier store and trade it for a new iPhone. The store will automatically discount the price and help you save a couple of hundred dollars on the new iPhone.

3. Classifieds

As we said earlier, your iPhone is almost certain to fetch a higher price when sold privately. If you are ready to take the risk and have the time to deal with low ballers then perhaps this is a good option. You can use Uncle Henry’s in Maine for classifieds. However, keep your eyes open for scamsters. And as a thumb rule never ever meet your seller in a secluded place and it is always better to inform or ask your friend to accompany you.

Furthermore, you can also try sites like eBay, they offer a lot of conveniences but charge you with service fees.

4. Amazon

Every one of us has used Amazon in the past, but not many know that you can trade-in your iPhones. Amazon offers a decent trade-in program and a price-lock for 28-day. The best part is that you can ship off your iPhone to Amazon only after you get hold of the new iPhone. Amazon’s trade-in value greatly depends on the condition of your device. Scratches and phones that are not kept well will command a much lesser price.

5. Family and Friends

Another great way of selling off your iPhone is to hand it over to family and friends. This way you will know that your device is in good hands and the chances of being scammed are very low. On the other hand, the buyer will be assured that the iPhone is not stolen or fake.

6. Apple Trade-In

Apple has its own trade-in program where you can trade-in your iPhone, iPad, or just about any other Apple device and get an Apple Gift card that you can then use to buy anything from Apple — be it a product or service. In case you do not have a spare phone, you have the option of trading in your existing iPhone or Android device while buying the iPhone 12 from Apple’s online store. Apple will then ship the new device to you and pick up your old iPhone after that. Post its inspection, the company will then credit the payment method or issue a gift card depending on your preference.

Apple’s trade-in page currently states that you can get up to $450 for trading in an iPhone XS Max while an older device like the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 will get you $170 or $110, respectively. The trade-in prices are lower than what you will get if you sell the device to your friends or use any classifieds website.

Apple Trade In

7. iPhone Upgrade Program

The Upgrade Program is best if you want to upgrade to new iPhones every year. In this program, you buy an iPhone from Apple with a 2-year contract. As part of the contract, you are required to pay monthly installments. After the end of the 12-month period, you can trade-in your existing iPhone for a new device. The iPhone Upgrade Program is better than other trade-in methods as you will get free AppleCare+ coverage on devices. Additionally, you will only need to send your existing iPhone to Apple once you get the iPhone 12 in your hand which makes the entire process relatively hassle-free.

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iPhone Upgrade Program

Do drop a comment and let us know how you ended up selling your iPhone and for how much. It might just help our readers!

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