FAQ: Can I bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 10 May 2014


In iOS 7, Apple added a new anti-theft feature called Activation Lock to the Find My iPhone service, which ties your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your Apple ID so that your lost or stolen iOS device, cannot be used or restored without the login credentials.

Ever since Apple has introduced that feature, one of the most frequently asked questions has been: Can I bypass iCloud Activation Lock?


It is not possible to bypass iCloud’s activation lock. [Update: Please check the update below]. It would be a critical security flaw if someone can bypass it, so if someone does figure out a way to bypass it, you can expect Apple to fix it as soon as possible. Please note that any site claiming to be able to bypass iCloud activation is a scam, so stay clear from such scam sites.

Forgot iCloud ID/Password

If you want to bypass the iCloud login because you’ve forgotten the login details of your iCloud account, then you can use iCloud’s Forgot ID/Password feature to retrieve your login details.

Purchased a used iPhone

If you’ve purchased a device with Find my iPhone (and Activation Lock) enabled then you need to ask the seller to disable it. In case you’re not aware, it is possible to disable Find my iPhone remotely. Check out this article to learn how to disable Find my iPhone remotely. If the seller is not reachable then it is probably because the seller was aware that it was a lost or stolen device. So you should figure out a way to get a refund for it.

If you’re planning to buy a used iPhone then it is extremely important that you get a confirmation from the seller that Find my iPhone is disabled. If someone is trying to sell an iOS device for rock bottom prices then you should be skeptical as it is possible that the device is stolen with Activation Lock enabled, which will make it impossible to use the device.

Lost and found

If you’ve found a device with Activation Lock enabled, then you should hand it over to the law enforcement so they can contact Apple to return the device to the rightful owner.


A new service claims to bypass Apple’s Activation Lock feature. Check this post for more details.

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